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Found 5 results

  1. How about when sneaking, the noise for opening and closing doors would be quieter? Unfortunately (or fortunately) right now the noise of opening and closing doors does not seem to be heard by zombies, but it is by other players. I think it would be a nice touch to be able to do this once the new stealth system is in place. Also it would make sense to have zombies hear the noise too!
  2. Can only work on unaware zombies Step 1 Get a weapon Step 2 Does some badass animation of your character rekking the zombie Step 3 Profit There is finally a step 2 now
  3. Just a few suggestions that I think are much needed 1. Crouching: for me this is a must. No one in any real situation would just walk down the street past a zombie and it wouldnt notice them. Put in a crouching feature that lets us sneak about around town un noticed without looking like were just strolling down the street. 2.Stealth kills, its nothing like walking up to a zombie that banging on a door and doesnt notice you. But when you try to swing and kill it you either end up hitting the door or just lightly hitting the zombie or push it away. Having the ability to kill unexpected zombies should be looked at. Thats all I have for now ill update if I have any other ideas or people expand on these ideas.
  4. The Problem In Project Zomboid, the primary method of getting past zombies is engaging in combat, either with melee hits or with weapons such as firearms. The other option is to slowly sneak past them and avoid the zombies' line of sight. This is a good start for stealth mechanics, but it is definitely lacking. How Can the Game Improve in Respect to this Problem? Add throwable objects that produce a noise which pull nearby zombies towards it. Note: Would only work for zombies that have not yet locked onto the player. Two Types: Short Distraction - Rocks, glass bottles, etc. When thrown they produce a loud noise on impact. The zombies would them travel towards the point of impact, linger there for a short amount of time, and quickly begin to separate and diffuse. This allows just enough time for the player to sneak past. Prolonged Distraction - Airhorns. Combining air horns and scotch tape would create a makeshift device that can be thrown and used to pull zombies into another areas. The noise would continue to pull zombies for a prolonged amount of time. It would have the same effect as a triggered house alarm. This would allow players much more time to sneak around, but it would also attract distant zombies. Does it Make Sense for the Game? Stealth mechanics are important for a survivor. A survivor should never fire his or her weapon or engage a zombie unless it is absolutely necessary. This would allow players, especially those playing in sand box with ultra rare loot, to conserve ammunition and weapon durability. Being able to pull zombies away from your path or towards another area would be especially helpful in locations such as the mall. Is it worth the time and effort to develop? Adding this feature would allow players whole new strategies to taking on zombies and zombie hordes. It would not require any extreme overhauls, and most of the mechanics needed (throwing objects, zombie-attracting sound alarms) are already in game.
  5. In any zombie situations, it's not like you can't sneak up on zombies and slit their spines from the back with a knife, or hack at the head with a sharp weapon. So why not tweaking the detection of zombies so they are less likely to detect behind them at a low chance of hearing whoever walks behind them? At the moment, zombies are like the 'end all, should be avoided' foes that players like them to represent... But all I see are dumb corpses that just outpace a regular human... If the human was stupid that is. 1 Kitchen knife to the spine is all you need to kill a zombie, the neck may have a bone, but it only guards mainly the frontal side of the body, and the spinal cord is on the backside, covered by muscles and tissues. A nicely sharpened kitchen knife can cut through the spine with no issue. The resulting slice, even if it doesn't cut the nerve endings, will severely damage the spine and due to you cutting the muscles to get to it, will collapse the head on it's spine and kill the zombie anyways or at least disable it from functioning. So a 'backstab' mechanic would be useful and can be used to critically kill a zombie in one strike, but less effective with smaller trash weapons like forks and butterknives. Heck, simply stabbing at the back of the neck with a kitchen knive will severely damage the spine, then yanking the knife out would tear the flesh along the blade. The red area would most likely be inside the skull, so the neck would be the purple area. EDIT: The bones of the spinal cord is there, and it's a tube, but since the spine is flexible, it means the a human has 31 'separate' bones with a tube in the middle, meaning it's possible to get a kitchen knife to stab between one. But the back of the neck is the weakest point as there can be no bones there.
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