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  1. I got a question about the headshots, they may not be instant kill, the bullet might just graze you or even go completely through but do almost no damage provided if you are lucky
  2. No the body armor would be for you to take when the zombie is dead. Also if you hit the zombie in the chest instead of the head it will be much less likely to get crippled or knocked down
  3. You might not be too sure about these suggestions but what if a gunshot to the arm did no damage to your actual health just bleeding. And you also had a separate blood condition bar. Once the blood bar gets low you get dizzy and eventually die. Also for heart injuries it doesn't matter, it is almost impossible to survive any injury to the heart without modern medical treatment at a hospital which isn't available in PZ
  4. I got an addition to make. A shot to the stomach may or may not inhibit eating(not too sure), but when someone is shot in the stomach, doctors are far more concerned about infection than the actual injury due to contents in the stomach spilling out
  5. Adding body armor to project zomboid would probably take time. I'm talking about an assault vests, they don't really protect you from bullets, just let you have quick access to your ammunition so you can reload quickly
  6. Weighland with the gunshot to the head. A headshot doesn't always guarantee instead death or if you are very lucky may do virtually no damage aside from bleeding to your brain
  7. This is pretty simple. Whenever you get injured there is a small chance it may just barely graze you and do minimal damage. For example, a bullet grazes your shoulder and leaves a cut instead of smashing into your shoulder shattering bones and destroying arteries. Being grazed is much more likely at longer ranges and would induce panic as someone realizes they may have just barely escaped death or serious injury with only a scratch
  8. Just make socks useful because socks are awesome and reduces the chances of frostbite and foot conditions like trench foot Although body armor is not in the game(at least not yet), I dont think this would be too hard to add. Assault Vests Can be worn over clothing Provides a very small boost to temperature Can store only certain items like knives ammunition and pistols. Having an assault vest with ammunition loaded inside matching the gun being used halves reload time making it good for gunfights. Something like this
  9. Can only work on unaware zombies Step 1 Get a weapon Step 2 Does some badass animation of your character rekking the zombie Step 3 Profit There is finally a step 2 now
  10. It would be nice if you could play as the young(14-18), adults (Vanilla), and the elderly(50-70s) Youth More positive(becomes unhappy slower)(however gets bored faster as well) Slightly weaker than adults Slightly faster than adults Increased metabolism Requires more sleep Slightly better hearing and sight Elderly(Would give the player some extra points for traits) Lowered metabolism Weaker Slower Weaker immune system Needs less sleep Much less likely to become sad although harder to get out of it Gets bored slower Less stamina Reduced hearing and sight?
  11. Can you show me the animation with the police helmet?
  12. Mad Dan, proning could be useful to combat because it would expose less of your body to gunfire and make it easier to fire gunshots
  13. I have a pretty brutal idea. If suppressants DO get added, a pretty tough trait would be adding an infected trait where the character is already infected with the zombie virus. He or she will get 1 24 hour suppressant to give them some extra time but after that they have to constantly search for drugs to keep them alive
  14. Ideas to add some realism to gunfights Suppression-Bullets flying around you will cause panic and add a separate suppression stat that reduces accuracy Being in cover will reduce the effects of suppression Cover-Add an extra option to take cover when clicking on a crate, a wall, etc. There will be soft and hard cover Soft Cover(a thin wooden wall) provides concealment but little protection Hard Cover(Thick Brick Metal Walls) Provide heavy protection(depends on material of cover) and concealment Crouching and proning...-Not much to say about this just a crouching and proning mechanic crouching and/or proning will increase accuracy and stealth decrease suppression but limit movement
  15. No, the only suppressant that can be crafted is makeshift suppressants and those would be the unstable ones. Also, if makeshift suppressants were to be added, they would likely require a large amount of hard to acquire chemicals to make. Also it only lasts 12 hours. A "suppressant maker" job could cost a lot of points due to usefulness An interesting thing to add would be to able to craft makeshift suppressants, you would need some sort of chemistry bench and science equipment. Good point though, because if it was THAT easy to make suppressants for zombie infection, the virus probably wouldn't have spread as much
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