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Found 4 results

  1. I have been playing Project Zomboid since the continued smothering of bald spot's wife. When i first started playing zombies were a bit intimidating at first but after a few hours i would be fighting off hordes. Several updates later the new combat system came into play and i though this would bring me a scare or two but hasn't. I haven't been worried or afraid to enter a house or building with more than three zombies in it. I just fight them off simply enough and grab the loot and leave. I never get bit or scratched unless i am on multiplayer and alt tab quick or get hit while typing in chat. I am pretty good at the game but that can't be a reason for the game to be easy or at the least not scary, right? Is anyone else having the same or similar experience as me? Start off looking for bags and an axe, then once you have those you pick a safe house and just loot till you have enough supplies to fortify it way more than really necessary. Once you have your non-impenetrable safe house you either start leveling all your skills or just loot till you own everything. Then you just save/quit and never load that save again. I never really play till i die, i just play till i get to the point where anything else would just be a waste of time. If zombies were a bit scary just a bit this wouldn't happen like this, you would be made to rush out of places like alarmed houses. What do you do to keep things scary or challenging, besides taking all the negative traits to gimp yourself or giving them super strength/speed?
  2. GodWaffle


    I just had a little idea for a defence system that could be added to the game. This would work both as a deterrent for both zombies and survivors. Basically, using a log and a saw you can craft 2 wooden stakes. Stakes can be placed individually on the ground, taking up one tile, however you can still walk around them. Four wooden stakes could be used to make a stake wall (just four stakes in the ground upright, taking up one tile like a regular wall). Regular stakes can be used to display dead bodies, so assuming you had tons of these set up around your base, the smell would help to mask your base from zombie hordes and would also deter most NPC's from getting too close. Now as a defence, you could create stake trap and barriers, the traps would be single stakes in the ground at a random angle, a zombie could then be lured to walk into the stake and get stuck. Now do this around the entire base and you have a minefield of zombies for trespassers to get through (and if they do get through it they'd make a ton of noise killing all the trap zombies). Trap zombies would be tough to deal with since you can't push them off of you, they could grab you and pull you in for a snack. Worse yet, if the angle is right, they could pull themselves off the stake and then you'd have a bigger problem. Stake barriers would be similar to trap stakes, but would be more like a wall. Basically you'd craft it using 7 stakes (3 for supports, 4 for the actual barrier), and it'd be at a 35-40 degree angle facing N, S, E or W. These would work well as one-way routes, people would have a lot of trouble getting over the sharp end of the barrier while people on the other side could walk up it and hop off the end. I'm kind of thinking similar to the medieval style barriers which I believe were effective against cavalry, these would work well against zombies (they can still break through them though) and humans who would need to get past the sharp stakes and any zombies that might be stuck on them. Anyway, let me know what you think, personally I think this could be really cool when it comes to survivor group wars and would just be awesome to see hundreds of zombies placed in a big minefield style defence. -GodWaffle
  3. Now, before anyone jump on me - I know that the walking sounds are already implemented into the game, it's just that they work in the way they probably weren't meant to work. So, without a programming experience, but atleast having some notion of what it could be, I'll jump in with my suggestion. Foot sounds. Whenever a certain sprite plays, play that 1 single footstep sound. That way it won't be binded to how long "Shift + (Directional Button)" is pressed, and therefore could be a ground up for some awesome sneaking implementation. The way it works is, whenever a certain sprite is displayed (Taking the ones where our/NPC/Zombie character sets foot to the ground), it plays 1 single sound file. That way whenever your character runs, you can tell by hearing footsteps (and so can zombies, wink wink). It both solves problem of footsound syncing with animation, without the need to calculate it like "So, the footstep sound plays every X seconds... Fuck, but what if he is tired, or overencumbered? then the walking won't be in sync.. Or grabbed, hell, aaa". Something along the lines of "WalkingspriteNorth_15.png" calls the "WalkingFootstepsoundgrass_1.ogg", or chooses between "Walkingfootstepsoundgrass_1.ogg" and "Walkingfootstepsoundgrass_2.ogg" or "Walkingfootstepsoundgrass_3.ogg" etc, for variety. * With this in mind, you can go completely crazy as to make all kind of footstep noises - grass, sand, gravel, ceramic, bare footed, sneaking, zombie shuffling, walker crawling. Imagine how much more it would add to immersion. Hearing like a dozen of zombies shuffle around outside your warehouse. You didn't forget that your character can get a little scared when some amount of zombies are outside? Well, now you can get scared aswell. Tell me what do you think. ____ Edit : * In the "WalkingspriteNorth_15.png" example with the number I meant to display the "appropriate" frame when the character sets a foot on the ground, while in "Walkingfootstepsoundgrass_1" the number represents one of the variety of the footstep. So the first one would sound different from the _2, or _3.
  4. So... Umbrellas, not rare but not super-common as loot in houses and the stores. It would require both hands to use and would open in three seconds but take ten seconds to shake dry and close. Both of those timers would require you to be standing still. The noise from the water hitting the umbrella would make more noise than the rain around it making you a little more noticeable when walking around in the rain if zombies are about. It would be usable as a very limited bat like weapon and would break pretty fast, maybe one to three uses. It would have the close combat jaw kill move like knives, maybe four to five uses. If in multi-player, two or three people can stand under it and not get wet. It would wear out over time from the wear and tear and from the water damaging it (long-term). And if hot and sunny, you stay cool when using it.
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