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Found 6 results

  1. New game mechanic: Vomiting. It starts at the nauseous moodle with a 25% of occuring after eating food,35% at sick and 45% at fever. After vomitting,the character will become Peckish. However,players can avoid vomitting by eating Bananas, pears,rice or crackers. A new food can be made by mixing cooked rice with yoghurt which also gets rid of the vomiting chance and also helps the character stay full by avoiding risks.
  2. Good afternoon. I am reporting a bug in "Project Zomboid" concerning sickness. My character got sick and, as everyone knows, that's a death sentence unless you have Antiboitics. I tried to feed her and he lp her sleep, but when I went to bed, she died in her sleep. In her Inventory , she had a Tote Bag as a secondary item and a Big Hiking Bag on her back, as well as a wealth of rarer items and skill magazines in her arms. Note that she died in the bed while the sleep clock was skipping forward. When she died, I started as a new character and went to where she died. I found the Tote Bag, but my previous character's body and everything in the Big Hiking Bag were completely gone. I tried to disassemble the bed, only to find nothing underneath or near it. What happened? Did I do something wrong? Thank you for any assistance you may render. -TURTLESHROOM
  3. Occupation: Fire Officer (female) Traits: Hard of Hearing, Over-weight, Lucky, Resilient, Stout. I was happily clearing out Cortman Medical and about a 1-block radius with my trusty kitchen knives, but the place had broken windows galore. The ones near the front door were completely smashed. Of course, lazy me, pressed "E" near the door and ended up climbing up on the broken window. I got a scratch and patched myself up with a sterilized rag. I slept upstairs. The next day, zeds were downstairs and I had to lure them out and dispatch them. Went smoothly. Not a scratch. But again, "E"-ing on the door and, yes, climbed again, and got another scratch... like the odds of getting a scratch from windows were against me. I patched it up... about 3 days passed, I ate fresh food, clean water, changed the bandages with sterile sheets, going well. then one day, I got sick... I still had scratches though they weren't bleeding anymore... I ate fresh food and water, no white berries, didn't stay in the rain for more than a few seconds and I dry off quickly. Yet the illness persisted. And added to it, I became "terrified". I kept up a regimen of sleep, food, water, and tried to avoid conflict. I also reduced the weight I carried to just a few items per run. But I got sicker and sicker and eventually got a fever. Food nor rest didn't help. I woke up one day, fever in motion... I grabbed all my knives and axes, went downstairs and outside and found a small group of zeds. I fought them in the rain... the knives went under their heads and found their way to their brains. Moving away and shoving most of them until they were almost in a line... one by one they came... one by one they fell... After the carnage, I was left empty, save for the heat in my head, and body and a triumphant, yet saddening warmth in my soul... I fell to my illness and joined the undead ranks... shuffling around aimlessly... all I have accomplished, all I have done... gone... *end scene, exit stage left* tr;dl: Basically, I died from scratches (that I got from windows) and no, the scratches had never had the "infected" tag on them so I was kinda bummed when I watched Ellie Bishop (that's her name... give a shout out if you know where it's from :3) waste away (from getting sick/fever)... from window scratches... Questions: Is this intended or a bug?Could the windows have been infected when a zed went through them and some skin, blood, fluid was left behind and I got infected when I went through the window and got a scratch? (but the scratches never got an "infected" tag)Other than the god-like antibiotics, what other effective ways are there to get well from illnesses? (Aside from being well-fed, resting, and drinking bleach?)O__O Also, can't we "open" windows that are already broken? All that's broken is the glass anyway, can't we simply have them open the windows to bypass the glass? Like when a burglar breaks the window/door to get to the latch/door knob. EDIT: added clarifications in bold and parenthesis in the tr;dl.
  4. So from the nutrition section we've spawned some new ideas about sickness, which made me think of bodily damage as well. There are already signs of broken limbs in our health screens, however they don't debilitate us as much as they should. Also they heal MUCH quicker than they should. How long should a broken arm or leg have to be set though? In single player a broken limb would be a death sentence. Sickness is another issue. Rain doesn't cause sickness! Cold doesn't cause sickness! They can sometimes facilitate sickness, weaken your body, but they don't cause it. People get sick mostly from catching sickness from other people. Also from touching infected items. I think the game should reflect that.
  5. In the very far future as a very minor detail I think it'd be neat to mitigate colds and similar diseases with oral antiseptics not unlike Listerine. This would make a nice mod or something but if that never happens and those cool Lemmy or RJ dudes needs something to toy with to keep a good dev rhythym going or something they could take a crack at it. Before anyone asks, yes I've tried this and yes it works for the most part. It kills instances of the virus in your mouth and slows/stops them from replicating and reaching their carrying capacity thing where they start attacking the body and stuff. Maybe it would slow and/or lessen the progression of diseases in zomboid? Oh and if I'm super-wrong about anything and you can prove it call me out on it please so I can stop. <3
  6. How to cure this moodle Sick The character has contracted some sort of illness through consuming raw or bad food or having been bitten or scratched by a zombie. Selecting the hypochondriac trait means that your character will "feel" the effects of illnesses without actually having them, eventually returning to normal when they have gotten through the worst of it, but if they really did have an illness... Queasy "Take things easy" The character is beginning to feel ill. Nauseous "Strength and healing reduced" The severity of the character's illness is increasing. Sick "Strength and healing severely reduced" The character is feeling strong effects from the illness they have contracted. From this point on, healing is almost non-existent unless the character is well fed. Fever "Increasing danger of death." The character is severely suffering from the illness, and will eventually die if they suffer from it for too long without anything maintaining their health. This is also the last stage of the zombie virus before complete, irreversible zombification. If a character has an illness for a cause other than getting bitten by a zombie- like eating rotten/burnt/raw food, the character can still die but this death can be delayed or even avoided by being well-fed and getting enough sleep.
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