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Found 210 results

  1. Hey Guys, I hosted for the first time last night. It was a fun PvE experience. Today I'm going to try something a bit different. No official rules for server, but I am asking that people treat the scenario realistically. This is mainly to say that there are few survivors and many resources so KoS seems... excessive. Some people will still try and grief. My recommendation is we make a stronger community to defend against and exile such players. Whether or not this will prove successful is, I suppose, what we will find out shortly. ***please do create a name for your character so that we can identify each other on chat*** Names can be created by simply typing in a name in the "username" field just above the password field before you join the server. Cheers, s IP:
  2. If you wanna PvE you can join our server tonight. Just two of us so far. We don't know a ton about the game but we have a safe place and have been at it for maybe 5 hrs in game time. Cheers, s
  3. I'm hosting a small whitelisted PZ Server for just me and some friends. While so far it's been a huge amount of fun with few issues, the occasional, multiplayer-specific issue has made me wish I could modify the data for my users' characters. For example one user was mobbed and infected due to latency making his client unresponsive. After some digging I notice that the character data seems to be stored client-side in <USER_FOLDER>/Zomboid/Sandbox/<IP>_<USERNAME>/map_p.bin, and not on the server itself. Having looked at the file in a hex editor it seems fairly easy to modify existing data. Changing the name or body parts is pretty trivial, but the problem I've run into is figure out which bit to flip or values to modify to be able to remove an infection. I was wondering if any documentation exists for where that might be stored, or if someone with more coding experience than me might be able to figure it out and share the info? Just to clarify, my goal here is correcting issues for my users that occurred as a result of Multiplayer bugs or limitations. I am very much against changing a save to undo something that was a user's own fault - if your stupidity kills you them then that's how it should be, but when an issue with the server is responsible for them losing items or a character then It's my responsibility to try and fix it. Ultimately tools for that should be included for admins (and I know that build 25 is adding some fun admin stuff soon) but right now I'm just looking for a quick fix.
  4. Greetings, I've been greatly enjoying PZ since first exposed to it late last year. I've started running a server on my own and was wondering if the starting locations of players can be changed or even randomized? On a side note, can custom maps be used in MP as well? Thanks!
  5. As the title says. I can't find a way to restart the server from new. As anyone else figured out how to yet?
  6. On every Zomboid server I go on I see fire, zombies on fire. All kinds of fire. Why? I don't really know. But if this is caused by people burning houses down, maybe it would be good to give a server admin the choice to turn off fire. I also imagine fire would bog down the server, just a guess anyway. Edit - Or possibly stop fire spread? Without completely cutting out fire?
  7. I say to when the npc come out and whit the multiplayer to have a new item that is the money that you can use to trade things whit other npc and whit other players , in server this go to help very much in servers role play this go to change the gameplay because now you can buy a weapon from another player and no changing weapons whit him. The money will be rare to find because when the infection started the people raid the shops , banks , dinners for money. You can find money in corpses , buildings , shelf and more places
  8. As a huge fan of Project Zomboid and a server hoster myself, I am currently wondering if anyone (devs, admins, mods, or players) knows the day/month/year we will have multiplayer mods for server hosters. Any hints toward such knowledge is greatly appreciated!
  9. Might be jumping the gun on this a little... but I figured it wouldn't be a half bad idea to start a thread for public servers to be listed. Especially for those of us *cough* myself *cough* who seem to find themselves a bit lacking in the more technical aspects of setting one up. For sake of simplicity, please use the below format to advertise: Server Name: Server Typer: (PVE, PVP, RP, etc.) This is probably all the needed info for now as I would imagine most server owners are going to want to privately give out the server IP over PM. Server Name: eliakoh's Server Address: / mindescape.eu Server Type: PVP
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