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  1. sweetcandyflip

    Random Loot Mod

    Sure i can do that for now! If you have any wishes or ideas how to improve the loot tables just tell me! Tomorrow i have some time, ill aim for a 2nd release with a more realistic spawn and on the other side the brutal total random loot spawn! And for the future i really hope TIS will implement this Mod as a Vanilla Sandbox Option to give the ppl more freedom - If there is enough interest from the community.
  2. sweetcandyflip

    Random Loot Mod

    and then the world knew no more death seriously who trows a hunting rifle in the garbage bin an axe in your fridge hell a sledgehammer in the bathroom cupboards Well this mod is obviously not about realism yet. Its for those PPL who know the PZ Map already so good, that they want new Challenges! Just imagine its really late in the Apocalypse. Everything has been raided and ppl died while trying or they had to abandon stuff on strange places. Although i have all my tools stored in my kitchen at home (Screwdriver, Hammer, Nails, Saw) Maybe i do a more realistic spawn system in the next version (no more weapons in the fridge etc.) if ppl are interested.
  3. sweetcandyflip

    Random Loot Mod

    Hey guys! Do you ever get bored of running to the same warehouses for tools over and over again. No Luck with a sledgehammer in West Point this Time so you cant break into the GunShop?? This is over now. Every Container in the World can drop an Axe or a Hunting Rifle (very very rare chance tough). This Mod makes exploring fun again. You will never know whats inside the next house and its always worth to check it out. One Warning: - The Loot Rarity is harder than in the vanilla game, so you might start with the start gear option! Download Link http://pz-mods.net/download/RandomLootMod/RandomLootMod.zip Future Plans: - Balancing out the rarity of items (need some feedback for this!) - Multiplayer Servers with better loot options so they dont feel too empty (Warehouses are always already looted when you join a new server) or too full.... best regards Michael
  4. sweetcandyflip

    Modloader: SuburbsDistributions.lua

    Im a derp, i forgot to change the Id in the mod.info so it was conflicting with the example mod
  5. Hey! Is there a way to replace the original SuburbsDistributions.lua with the modloader? I tried to make a mod and placed the file like that: Mod\media\lua\server\Items\SuburbsDistributions.lua but its not loading into the game.
  6. sweetcandyflip

    Random Loot Tables!

    Hey! I am trying to rework the loot tables from the base game so every Container in the world spawns the all items. The loot amount / container should be like: Very rare: 0-1 Rare: 0-2 Normal:0-3 and so on..... You can imagine it like the random (not logic) loot sandbox option for replayability. Now to my Problem: I adjusted the items in suburbsdistribution.lua with the full item list from pzwiki.net. Here is an example for the conveniencestore, the rarity number 0.5 is just for testing so i will definitely want to adjust this later on when i have a good amount of item spawns in the containers: The random loot works fine but the variety of item spawns inside a container seems broken, due to the big amount of items that can be spawned. The variety is about 0-17 items / container now. After doing some tests i changed all the rolls (rolls = 1,2,3,4,5) for containers to 1, which lead to slightly better loot tables. Right now i am trying to adjust the itempicker.lua, now to my questions (Pls also check the spoiler tabs for some questions) This is the spawning function for items in container right? What are the Global Loot Modifier which are described in the getlootmodifier function. Are there any known numbers for those or is there a file where i can check them? Is there a easy way to rewrite/delete the loot function (I wont need Zombiedensity for my Function i guess) to adjust the loot tables inside the game? Also where is the part which defines the Rarity of the Sandbox Options? I have a lot of more questions but i think that does for now, i hope someone can help me with my project. Thx Michael edit: Changing the Zombrand to 30000 works pretty neat... There is almost no loot anymore...
  7. sweetcandyflip

    Hydrocraft Mod

    One more question here. When i start the game on very rare loot tables your mod still seem to add way too much items to the containers. Any chance to fix that or is this a known problem with the additive modding method of adding items to the game?
  8. sweetcandyflip


    Yeah splitscreen already works pretty well but one Screen seems a bit too tiny for (27') both players. Thats why i want to usw my 2nd Screen for the 2nd Player!
  9. sweetcandyflip


    If we get to switch between characters i want to get Splitscreen Coop for Dual Screen so every player has enough space to play
  10. sweetcandyflip

    Official Build 32 Zombie Population Feedback Thread

    So lets say i want to have normal zombies from the start which goes to insane*4 in 30 days. I made Sandbox.cfg and Zombie.ini as a preset: Sandbox.cfg Zombie.ini Then I start up a new game with my sandbox.cfg and replace the zombie.ini from the save with mine? Is that correct?
  11. sweetcandyflip

    RELEASED Build 32

    The File isnt created at the beginning of the game. You have to actually wait one game day (08;00 next day) to get the zombie.ini in your files ^^ http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/14923-zombiesini/#entry185223
  12. sweetcandyflip

    Official Build 32 Zombie Population Feedback Thread

    Do i have to use this in my sandbox presets .cfg?
  13. sweetcandyflip

    [Java] [Performance] - RNG Mod

    Is the RNG also for the item spawns (Location, Amount)?
  14. sweetcandyflip

    Get your engineer recipes here!

    Virus ZC1O Cure Daaaaamn But thx for the recipes ^^
  15. sweetcandyflip

    Official Build 32 Zombie Population Feedback Thread

    1st Character: Started in West Point and managed to barricade a house near the bridge to the Mall. As i ran out of supplies (West Point was already pretty much looted and i missed some important tools), i decided to go for the Mall. The First Bridge out of West Point in that Direction was no problem but when i approached the Little River Bridges, it was pure Chaos. I tried to cross the river (the 3 Small Bridges) but there were so many zombies on the other side of the river, that i couldnt. Shooting and shouting didnt work they seem to be stuck somehow. So I had to run all the way up to the shooting range instead. When i finally reached the Mall i was able to sneak in pretty easy (the Parking Lot was empty the first time). Inside it seemed pretty quiet too, until i checked the first shop. Zombies were invisible at first, but suddenly every shop i came by were having like 20-30 Zeds inside and soon i realised i was swarmed. I somehow managed to escape the Mall (no food no water at this point) and spent the night in the Zippie Market. On the next Day I gave up on my Plan and tried to make my way back to my Safehouse. The River Bridges werent such a Problem from this Side, as the Zombies there were reacting to my distraction tries this time. Back in my Safe House i went to bed for another Night until i woke up swarmed by the massive horde from West Point to get eaten alive Settings: 8 Months into Apocalypse 50% Respawn for Zombies per Day Insane Better Hearing on Zeds. Suggestions: - Make Zombies move through Riverwater superslowly, so the Meta Events work on this Part of the Map too. Else they all get stuck at the water - Better Hearing on Zeds needs some tweaking with the New Horde System as they get Distracted too much. Sometimes a horde loses agro and runs away while you are right in front of them. There is no sound of a meta event there too.