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Found 4 results

  1. Hello I never got around posting this mod on the new forum. It's a silencer for a pistol - but not just any silencer. It's also your pillow! Just as you though pillows where dog gone useless in survival, you actually have something that will silence your gun. Hold a pillow as your secondary weapon and it will silence your gun, but not forever. It will last 5-15 shots until the pillow is completly torned. Download it from pz-mods.net (pz-mods.net is a top secret procrastinating project for hosting my mod I'm currently working on - which was before I discovered xeno-mods.net .. duh, now I'll ma
  2. Strapping a pillow to the end of a pistol for a few shots to act as a silencer. Only for 3 or so shot's per pillow, and need string or some 'rare' crafting material to attach it. (Takes two hands.) Damage reduced and pillow is destroyed after a few shots just to avoid over-advantaging. (normal pistol remains after.)
  3. Training dummy, constructed out of wood, pillows and sheets (ripped sheets). Used to train up combat skills. Maybe even firearm skills for target practice, with the Pillow Silencer mod.
  4. Pillows are now just not for snuffing out Kate anymore! With this mod you'll be able to turn that once useless item into other useful things. Recipes: Pillow Case = Pillow + Butter Knife / Fork / Kitch3n Knife / Nails / Pen / Pencil / Scissors / Screwdriver Can Filled Pillow Case (weapon) = Pillow Case + 3 Canned Beans / 3 Canned Soup / 3 Dog Food WARNING!!!: Be sure your Pillow Case is empty before turning it into either a Can Filled Pillow Case or Ripped Bandages, because you'll lose all those items. You can also recycle everything into ripped bandages. Recipe: 8 Ripped Bandages =
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