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Found 5 results

  1. Hello community. I just got off Project Zomboid playing the Endless Winter Challenge map, and I was thinking about some stuff. The game is great as it is, but I see a few flaws in it... Safty in the woods: Lets say you take a walk through the woods and find a nice opening where you can construct a base. Fast forward a few days, and you manage to self sustain youself. Zombies cant get to you, and the game ultimately ends up being boring after 2 in-game months of tending to plants and existing. So here's the idea: what if their was wildlife. (Yes, i know that their basically already is wildlife, but keep reading...) For example, wildlife like Bears can knock down your walls and caus a commotion. The bear could then consume your plants, and then go for you. This would be a pain in the neck, but such events would be rare. Perhaps a pack of wolves, wandering through the forest would stumble across your compound in the middle of the night. They would be scripted to howl - which would attract hordes of zombies toward you location. No End: Yeah, yeah, yeah. We've all heard it. "Whats the point in playing the game if you cant win it.". I propose a new gamemode: "Story Mode". In this mode, you get two characters to choose from (one female, one male) with two differant starting points. One in West point, the other in the second city. The story is that the two characters are ingaged, and are for some reason seperated. Blah blah blah, the infection hits, and the military come to help. As one of the characters, your goal is to try to reach your loved one. Since the two locations are very far away, it would take a few in-game weeks to reach the targeted city. First few days, your town is occupied by the military. After two days, zombies are scripted to overun the military in your city. Thats when all the civilian, and military NPC's slowly start turning into zombies one by one, until your the only one left by day 7. Erosion would be very fast. After two weeks, most roads would be cracked and covered in grass, shrubs, etc. The game would end with you finding out your loved one has been looking for you too, and is back where you started. Idk, along the way, you would encounter military forts and bases setup. Some hostile, others abandoned. The game would start out as something easy, and then drastically escalate into the "6 months later" difficulty. Its a pretty cool idea. No Seasons: Well, yeah. Theirs not much to emphasize on this. Perhaps a looping system of seasons that go from summer, to fall to winter. Trees and shrubs would alternate from one texture to another according to the seasons. Boats: We know that cars are soon coming, but what about sea-based vehicles? The concept is that their would be boats floating around near the shore. You can wade into the water about waist deep and board the boats, not as a vehicle, but almost as a movable structure. Its only when you activate the boat and pilot it, does it act like a vehicle and move. Driving a boat slowly consumes gas (Which cannot be replenished), and if you run out of fuel in the middle of the lake, you better hope the boat drifts close enough to land. Also, if you were to walk off the edge of the boat, your character would drown. You can only be in water at a certian distance from the shore. Differant types of Zombies: Gameplay would be much better if their were more types of zombies. Think of military personnel that would have been converted. They would wear armor and helmets, making them really hard to take down with pistols and shotguns. For these types of zombies, you would have to get up close and personnel to stick an axe into that helmet. Fat zombies, that can take a few more shots and bashes then the regular old zombies. Could be found in diners and malls, where their was lots of meat to eat... Fire that spreads: Ever have a zombie chase you through a burning building, and then you had thst zombie catch on fire? If that zombie stops chasing you, and then walks over a few corpses, or through a bush, those corpses and bushes dont catch fire. I believe fire should spread. If the forest catches fire, then the fire would spread a few dozen cells, and then stop. Fire shouldnt be OP, but it should be taken into consideration as a larger threat. Cannibalism: Yeah... Having the option to eat other healthy people may sound wrong, but it can help you survive in multiplayer and the proposed "Story Mode" gamemodes. Well, those are my thoughts. Tell me what you think should be in the game. Do you agree with me? Should their be a mod with all of this in it?
  2. Create a chance that players can be beaten unconscious with melee weapons & then captured using rope or duct tape & blindfolded with ripped sheets ect. Idk how to make it not unfair, but maybe you can think something up. Perhaps a player can try to break free somehow. Captured players can be imprisoned & or killed for meat. Captured players corpses could be impaled at your base & an option to severe the heads & display them on poles as warnings or as trophies at your base. Resorting to cannibalism. Maybe add an attribute of Lunatic would help you get enjoyment from eating your victims reducing boredom? Idk you flesh it out...
  3. This is in general discussion, because it can't be a suggestion, and that is because boss zombies are a confirmed NO. Yet the idea came and want ppl with time to discuss it. Briefly: Left over zombie corpses smell a long range to other zombies who, when not chasing players, devour those corpses. A zombie that scores 5 turns into a badass psycho... I mean ghoul with bonuses to everything and no drop whatsoever. Now comes a detailed spec on presumed source of player pleasure - feel free to skip it. ******************************************************************************* So, when a zombie is not chasing a player, it can chase a smell of corpses, which has a 20 tile range. Upon reaching the corpse it initiates feeding, which lasts 1000 time or till distracted. Upon finishing the first meal, zombie gets minor graphic updates - bloodstains all over like from the shower and an internal corpses eaten flag switching from 0 to 1. Now this zomie moves 10% faster, smells copses 22 tiles away, eats next corpse within 800 time and can interrupt feeding of anyone whos corpses eaten flag is below 1, i.e. 0. Eventually he's CE=4, mv+40%, smell range 28 devour time 200 and interrupts any feeding of CE 3 and less - eats his last treat. Then animation - Z falls on knees, hump grows up, tearing existing top clothes, while limbs shrink and disappear while hump grows bigger and turns into a wobbling cocoon. 4k time passes, during which this cocoon can be demolished with just a couple of blows. Then there's a graphic eruption - the ghoul comes out. Appearance: Like a ghoul from witcher 1, only not as tall. Same height as a human, but visibly more heavy and broad in bone. Muvement - unless in rush mode, has the speed of a walking, not sneaking human, suffers only half penalty to speed from walking through slowing obstacles like trees. Combat Attack: Melee attack (swinging arms) with less chance to inflict scratches than Zs but more damage and random knocking of the player - not back but also randomly to the 90degree side. Possible fractures. Combat Defence: Hp of only 2.5-3 zombies, but.. Every time a player would knock out a zombie, the ghoul rolls 10 and on anything but 10 gets knocked back instead of down. Melee critical hits don't instakill, only do 2x normal damage and make it backstep while screeching. Combat Covert side: Has senses one level better than average Z in current world setup. Except for sight, which can't exceed normal during the day and good during night. Upon detecting player, being wounded and just every once in a while in combat emits howls that work just as a 9mm shot noise. Non combat behavior: Wanders randomly during the night. As sun approaches, searches for nearest location either under the roof or among trees (with roof being a priority, if available), which is also being covered from player's view, i.e. 2-3 trees close below the location or any other objects blocking view down and 30 degrees left/right. Upon detecting a player initiates approach behavior. Approach behavior: Goal is to get to an unobstructed line of rush 12 tiles or less to the player and to initiate rush behavior. During the night it will vigorously walk from any distance till in line for rush. During the day it will only walk the approach distance slowly if the player is within same set of shadows as the ghoul, i.e. house or forest, otherwise stay dormant or even try to avoid direct line of sight. When it is either within the rush line or suffers damage - it initiates rush behavior. Rush: Attack begins with move and attack speed greatly amplified, supported by loud screaming. Ghoul has 20 points to expend. 1 goes per tile walked, 3 per single attack on player or obstacle and 5 per being knocked back. Rush interrupts when points are expended, a creature is knocked down or killed, switch to combat behavior. General combat is all about hitting hard, being hard to knock down or kill and screaming a lot. Losing sight of targets or 40% of the time when going below 33% hp there's a chance to initiate fleing behavior. Fleeing behavior - attemt to move away from last known player location +- 30 degrees direction, 30-50 tiles range, then try to find daytime cover regardless of time and initiate 4000 countdown. If uninterrupted - heal completely and randomly either seek cover or return to random point within 20 tiles of previous encounter and seek cover there. Locomotion and portal interaction - noob in windows, master of doors. I.e. can't enter or bash windows, ignores them, but can open doors and masterfully bash any door barricades. Also can climb walls up to 2 high, provided there's anything but windows to climb to. Whatever other full size destructible obstacles get implemented - 3x demolition capability of a simple Z. Death and loot - no loot, only a corpse worth 2 corpse eaten points to any devourer. ******************************************************************************* Okay, The What has been described above, now The Why. Of the many ideas that jumped over my randomly creative brain, this one was written here because imho it might have a useful touch on many ingame processes. 1) Automated cleanup of corpses (hopefully rains will deal with blood eventually) 2) Evident motivation to be mindful of leftover corpses and maybe try to either burn or interrupt feeding before hatching. 3) Side effect of this mechanism would be zombies stalking any locations where corpses haven't been cleaned and even trying to bash into such places without player stealth failures. Another motivation to clean corpses 4) Cheering up the later game routine as this critter can be a fun jump scare during the day and a real WTF hello surprise almost anywhere during the night. 5) Tuning late game difficulty in places where players are active and even smart ambushes - as daytime sneak up routine might lead a ghoul to follow you in woods from someplace and then drop pursuit cuz you crossed some gap and thus left common shadow. Then this sensitive guy would just stand around waiting in a path that you are likely to use again. 6) Another motivation to have firearms, since most melee fun is about knockback and finish, and do it all silently, and this fluffy is hard to knockback, and turns your stealth kill attempt into an opera after you hit something tender of his with something untender of yours. 7) It, of course imho, would give the game more immersive feel of ongoing undead evolution happening anytime the living screw up and allow it to happen. 8) Gives a general danger and boss feeling without actually implementing anything fairy-talish like different tools, limbs etc. Just tougher, faster, stronger, yet needing tricky conditions to appear. That was Troblin's spark of creativity, chears to anyone reading for being a determined SoB, feel free to comment, but remember, it's deep theory and mod/sandbox feature idea even at its theoretic maximum.
  4. The main Idea is to add canibalism to the game (when NPC survivors come in the game). The player will not only be able to hunt for animals but for humans too . When he kills them he will be able to carry their whole body . Then using the Kitchen Knife or the Saw he will be able to Cut the person to pieces and eat him. The player will also be able to eat a zombie but uncooked there will be 99% chance of infection and cooked 50% chance of infection. It is something an average person would do if he was in the Verge of dying. It is something he can do.a
  5. I wrote this story ages ago for the old forum but I was quite proud of it so I've decided to fill up the new forum as the fan fiction section is looking rather sparse. I've also edited it ever so slightly from the original so consider it a version 2. Enjoy! “Bitch” yelled Bud as his fist connected with the side of Mary-Anne’s head. There was a dull thud as she dropped to the Kitten floor, the taste of blood in her mouth and stars in her eyes. She never stood a chance against Bud and never had, especially when he was in one of his “moods.” Like he was now. “All I do for this family” he said punctuating his words with a kick to Mary-Anne’s ribs, “and you speak back to me like that?” Bud stood over her, all 6 feet of his intimidating figure bristling with rage, his eyes spitting fire down at her. She looked up at him, which was a mistake as Bud instantly leaned down and slapped her, although it was more an open palmed punch than a slap. She wanted to cry. But this situation had happened too many times before in her marriage and she knew that crying was the worst thing she could do. It had been tough to start with when the Rapture had come. At least that was what Father Clintock had called it before the risen souls had taken him. Mary-Anne had thought that people would rise to heaven and everything would be perfect after that - well except for those souls left behind. But instead all that had happened was that dead people were coming to life and eating living people and eventually, after a few weeks panicking, people had realised that if you got bit by one of the dead then you became one too. All that Mary-Anne cared though was that none of them would harm her two kids Zeke (short for Ezekiel) and Jo (short for Josiah). She had had a tough time of it looking after a 4 year old and a 9 year old though Jo was pulling his weight more and more. But it was Bud who had saved them and that was the truth of it. If he hadn’t been such a gun nut then they would have died early on when the trailer park had erupted with those ghouls and they had had to fight their way out. Mary-Anne had watched in a daze as former friends had been eaten by their loved ones and the shock had driven her to a state of catatonia. It had only been when Bud had shot their neighbour in the head before slapping her out of it that she had realised the danger her kids where in and after that she had followed Bud almost religiously. Her husband was protecting his family and she, as a dutiful wife, had to obey. And she had. After the night of horror at their home in the trailer park, Bud had taken them to the local church which had managed to hold out for about 2 weeks before food had run so low that everyone inside decided to try and break out. Bud had cleverly been stealing ammo from people so that when the time came they had managed to be one of the few people to break free. Mary-Anne didn’t know what had happened to the Holly Family but when she had brought the subject up Bud had gotten into one his “moods” and after that she wasn’t bringing it up anymore. She suspected that he had shot them as a distraction for the ghouls. Not that it really mattered. They had lived and the Holly family hadn't. At this point they had survived day to day always on the move, running from house to house, always looking for food. Gradually food had become more and more scarce and they had become more and more desperate. Twice Bud had killed some fellow survivors that they had come across just to steal their food. Mary-Anne had prayed to God for forgiveness but she felt that he wasn’t handing out any at the moment. After that they had struck gold. They had found a perfect sanctuary. A small farm surrounded by a big brick wall with space for a farm plot. It had everything that they needed to survive. A basement with sacks of seeds ready for planting. An empty cold room complete with bags of curing salt. It even had rechargeable solar panels that could be used to power lights and the fridge that was in the kitchen. They could grow their own food and be safe from those monsters outside. There was even a rain-catcher and a huge water tank. the only problem had been the owner but Bud had taken care of him. As soon as winter was over they could grow enough food to survive and as long as the wall held there was nothing the dead could do to them. They were safe. But the problem was still food. More accurately it was the weather and food. Mary-Anne knew that she couldn’t plant anything till the weather broke and even then it would take a few months for crops to grow and be harvested which meant that they needed enough food to last at least 4 months. They had food enough maybe for 2 months. When she had mentioned this to Bud he had instantly called her a bitch and hit her. Now she was on the ground trying her best not to cry as he stood above her shouting. “You think because you went to high school that you’re cleverer than me? Is that it” Bud snarled. KICK. “The fucking dead have surrounded us, idiot. We cant get out” PUNCH. Mary-Anne curled up into a ball, trying to make herself as small as possible. Out of the corner of her eye she could see her boys staring at her from the kitchen door. They knew better than to make any sound when their Pa was acting like this. She managed to get the ghost of a smile out to them. When Bud had stopped hitting her, or when she had come to, she wasn’t exactly sure of which but either way at least his “mood” was over she stood up and staggered over to the kitchen sink. Pouring out some water she dabbed it over her face. The beatings didn’t register anymore. It was just more of what Bud was. Yes they hurt but she had long ago learned to parcel the pain away until eventually she found that it just didn’t really bother her. What bothered her more was the effect it had on Jo and Zeke. Several times Zeke had asked if Pa would go away and leave Ma alone but never in Bud’s presence. Even a 4 year old has a self-preservation instinct. She thought now about the family’s options. On the one hand they were stuck and they were running low on food. On the other hand they could grow food they just had to wait until this winter was over and they had the chance to grow some crops. So somehow they had to find some food to last until the crop came in. Finally the hardest thing to think about..... Bud. Something had to be done. One day he was going to kill her or worse either Zeke or Jo. And if he did kill her then who was going to farm? Bud was a mechanic not a farmer like she had been in her youth. His skills lay in repairing broken things and guns not in growing, tending and nurturing crops. What would happen to the kids? Mary-Anne knew that if she died then the best they could hope for was a quick death rather than succumb to starvation. She knew what had to be done. Now she just had to steel herself to actually do it. However before she did she put the boys to bed and stayed until they were both sleeping. She wasn’t going to risk them seeing what would happen to their Pa. Bud, as he usually did after one of his “moods” had got drunk. Seriously drunk. Since there was no alcohol he had been resorting to moonshine that he had been making in a still in the farms garage. Since Bud hadn’t made moonshine before it was fairly lethal and didn’t take much to get him drunk. Mary-Anne stumbled into the garage and found him lying unconscious on the floor. She looked him over speculatively like a prize pig before walking to the tool rack. It took her 2 attempts to pick up the 3kg lump hammer because she was still dizzy and probably concussed from the beating Bud had given her but she managed to pick it up, stumbled over to Bud and before she had time to think about what she was doing, had slammed it down as hard she could onto the side of his head. The blow shattered his skull indenting his temple half an inch into his head. Bud shuddered, now in his death throes, legs twitching in spasm and although it wasn’t strictly necessary she gave him another bash just to make sure. And that was that. 10 years of marriage and beatings now over. Killing Bud had been easy. It was harder dragging his corpse to the bathroom and hanging him over the tub to drain his blood. A deep breath then the dressing began. A single cut, neck to crotch, before pulling out his organs and dropping them into a bucket. The contents of this bucket would eventually be frozen so that it would keep longer. She had never dressed a man before (had Bud really been a man she thought to herself) but her Pa had been an avid hunter and it had always been her who dressed the kills he brought in. So she felt she had a good idea of how to go about it. It had taken a heavy butchers knife to split Bud’s ribcage but she wasn’t going to waste his heart. That went in the bucket too. Before long she had completely gutted Bud’s body so she used the shower head to wash his insides out. She wondered idly to herself as she did this what cleaning products would be best to wash the tub out afterwards. She then continued splitting Bud’s crotch and washing away the crap that spilled out. Then she cut away his anus. She didn't want that spoiling the meat. Once this was done she finally cut what remained of his legs off. Those she would salt and hang. Now she went to work on his torso cutting of what she tried to think of as sweetmeats. It helped if she thought of Bud as an animal. It made the process a simple one as she used a knife to shear meat off of his back constantly cutting and sawing back and forth. Eventually the bath was full of meat which she started chucking into another bucket. All this would have to be salted to keep it through the winter and thankfully there was enough curing salt in the Kitchen. If not she could always freeze it and thaw it later. Bud, by this point had been reduced to a desiccated torso hanging by its arms. She took him down before carefully chopping his arms off (again those would salt and hang in the cold storage room). And that was that. She dragged him outside and threw what was left him over the wall. With any luck the zombies would pick over what was left and the kids wouldn’t have to see him. After that she went to the Kitchen and started to clean. Once the blood was off the floor and the tub cleared out she washed herself. It was a waste of water but to hell with it she thought. She wasn’t going to let her kids see her looking like she had just butchered her very ex-husband for meat. No way. By the time the kids woke up the next day she had managed to get her story straight. Pa had gone to get help she told them. He would come back soon and with food and would never leave them again. Both her boys stared stonily at her at this statement. In the meantime they were now forbidden to go in the cold room, which she had locked in any case. Mary-Anne held her kids to her. They had a chance to survive now and, looking at them, she thought that that was all that mattered.
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