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Found 8 results

  1. Hello Ladies and Gentleman, I got some question since Build 41 and RAM Allocation. Iv'e read that Build 41 should take around 1200 - 1400 MB Memory. But the thing is, many people as you know play with many mods, so it will take up more Memory. The weird thing about this is, in the past, I could set my Java System Settings with the known Parameters/Arguments and I'm good to go. Now it's not that obvious anymore, if I set the Max Memory in the Java System Settings and in the zomboid64.bat, nothing happens, or Im reading it wrong, see picture "1". It just do
  2. Hello, I am sorry if it is a known issue but after a (lazy) quick research on the topic I didn't find anyone complaining about it. I was trying to raid the Mall for the first time, inspired by the Holidays spirit and unfortunately got an unusual extreme frame rate drop. (Pretty normal and acceptable to get lower FPS when playing with insane pop...) I must confess that was doing what is called a "burn" to clear out the area which involves doing loud noises (Shotguns shots, horns, sirens etc) and set ablaze the massive crowd of zombies that show up. So I didn't mind the frames droppi
  3. Noticed that when its raining and i'm zoomed out, my FPS drops pretty bad and every action has at least half a second delay. (Zooming in all the way alleviated the issue, but that caused me to lose my full range of vision) Steps to reproduce: 1) Zoom in all the way 2) Wait for rain/heavy rain to begin 3) Progressively zoom out 4) While zooming out, attempt to perform actions like strafing, moving around, or even performing actions like attacking. Expected Result: Player should not expect to see any drop in FPS or delay in actions being performed while rain is occurring.
  4. As a player with a low-end pc, I appreciate how hard everyone is working to continue to make this game functional on older/cheaper machines. But as a member of the community, and a passionate believer in the mission, please don't sacrifice a great game over my ten year old hardware. What you have is something special, and it deserves all the love and attention it can get, regardless of whether or not my old rig can run it. My suggestion, and my humble, heartfelt request is that if a choice must be made, please put your vision ahead of my frame-rate. I want it to be th
  5. Hi, I use a WD Green drive to store all my games and it seems that Project Zomboid in particular doesn't play well with it. I experience heavy stuttering 5-10 minutes into gameplay, and according to Task Manager, it's because my HDD is stuck processing read/write requests - literally stuck on 100% activity while PZ is running, particularly when I'm loading unexplored areas of the map. I moved the PZ installation to my Samsung Evo 830 SSD, but that didn't help; my WD was still bottlenecking, presumably because the game is constantly writing to the save file in Users/<user>/Zomboid which
  6. Hey everyone, So I got my server set up, figured out the escoteric arcana that is the soft reset process, went public, and have managed to (mostly) keep this boat afloat. Now I'm starting to wonder about server optimization - but the first obstacle I'm encountering is that I have NO idea what kind of performance I should even be expecting from this jalopy. When I talk to other players / server admins about what kind of performance is possible with this game given my current setup, I get widely varied answers. Nobody really seems to have a clue. So I'm starting this thread with two objecti
  7. I don't have a great computer, probably below average in fact. However on the Desura build my CPU usage would rarely climb above 45% but in the steam beta build it regularly pushes 85-95 with not a single zombie in sight. A pretty basic overview of my specs: Sorry for all the problems, I realize this is an alpha game and not everything is going to be perfect over night. I just really appreciate the work you developers and moderators put forth on such a quality game. oh and if you need anything else from me let me know, thanks.
  8. Okay so with the new events like EveryTenMinutes we aready have a powerful Event which doesn't eat much performance. I still have questions about the performance though. Would there be any difference between function one()...end function two()...end function three()...end Events.EveryTenMinutes.Add(one);Events.EveryTenMinutes.Add(two);Events.EveryTenMinutes.Add(three);and: function one()...end function two()...end function three()...end function master() one() two() three()end Events.EveryTenMinutes.Add(master);Will there be any noticeable impact if I exit out of the functions ea
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