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Found 5 results

  1. As a player with a low-end pc, I appreciate how hard everyone is working to continue to make this game functional on older/cheaper machines. But as a member of the community, and a passionate believer in the mission, please don't sacrifice a great game over my ten year old hardware. What you have is something special, and it deserves all the love and attention it can get, regardless of whether or not my old rig can run it. My suggestion, and my humble, heartfelt request is that if a choice must be made, please put your vision ahead of my frame-rate. I want it to be the best zombie not-survival game on the market.
  2. Hi, I use a WD Green drive to store all my games and it seems that Project Zomboid in particular doesn't play well with it. I experience heavy stuttering 5-10 minutes into gameplay, and according to Task Manager, it's because my HDD is stuck processing read/write requests - literally stuck on 100% activity while PZ is running, particularly when I'm loading unexplored areas of the map. I moved the PZ installation to my Samsung Evo 830 SSD, but that didn't help; my WD was still bottlenecking, presumably because the game is constantly writing to the save file in Users/<user>/Zomboid which is also on my WD Green. The temporary solution appears to be to not use a "green" drive, which is known to cause issues with games and gaming. However, I would appreciate it if in a future update you gave players the option to change the location of their savegame data, or if you could find a way to reduce the amount of small read/writes needed to eliminate the issue entirely.
  3. Hey everyone, So I got my server set up, figured out the escoteric arcana that is the soft reset process, went public, and have managed to (mostly) keep this boat afloat. Now I'm starting to wonder about server optimization - but the first obstacle I'm encountering is that I have NO idea what kind of performance I should even be expecting from this jalopy. When I talk to other players / server admins about what kind of performance is possible with this game given my current setup, I get widely varied answers. Nobody really seems to have a clue. So I'm starting this thread with two objectives in mind: 1) I'd like it if other admins who have managed to get a server successfully running for a week or so to post their setup / performance here so that we can zero-in on some answers? 2) I wish to ask if anyone knows of any methods to optimize performance and/or can anyone think of any obvious mistakes that would adversely affect lag? Here's what I am running - Cores: 6 Memory: 16 GB (85% of which is allocated to project-zomboid-dedi-server.sh) OS: Linux Debian 7 Cost: ~$100/month Location: US, Chicago VPS hosted by NuclearFallOut. Here's the performance I'm getting - 0-10 players: Lag is good. You can tell it's not single player, but there is (largely) no glitchy behavior. Zed's rarely phase; when they do, it's only for a split second, and normal gameplay resumes immediately after. 10-15 players: Lag is noticable. Second or two of delay when talking in global chat. Zombies phase left and right to the point of no longer presenting a risk to players. 15+ players: Lag is unplayable. 2-3 seconds of delay when talking in global chat. Zombies phase so much most players can run right through a horde and be unaware that they are even there. Even trying to follow another player is pretty difficult to do. It's pure farm-simulator and Minecraft builder with this many people on, because zed's are pretty much non-existant. So! Anyone have any suggestions / feel like posting their own setup?
  4. I don't have a great computer, probably below average in fact. However on the Desura build my CPU usage would rarely climb above 45% but in the steam beta build it regularly pushes 85-95 with not a single zombie in sight. A pretty basic overview of my specs: Sorry for all the problems, I realize this is an alpha game and not everything is going to be perfect over night. I just really appreciate the work you developers and moderators put forth on such a quality game. oh and if you need anything else from me let me know, thanks.
  5. Okay so with the new events like EveryTenMinutes we aready have a powerful Event which doesn't eat much performance. I still have questions about the performance though. Would there be any difference between function one()...end function two()...end function three()...end Events.EveryTenMinutes.Add(one);Events.EveryTenMinutes.Add(two);Events.EveryTenMinutes.Add(three);and: function one()...end function two()...end function three()...end function master() one() two() three()end Events.EveryTenMinutes.Add(master);Will there be any noticeable impact if I exit out of the functions early? I actually do that at the moment in all of my mods... I try to exit out as soon as possible by testing different boolean states at the beginning of the function for example. For example like this: function doStuff() if noStuffToDo then return; end... -- else do much more stuff hereendEvents.OnTick.Add(doStuff);Of course it has to check the boolean value each time it is called but would this have any recogniseable impact on performance or is it negligeable?
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