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  1. Also have a bug to report - there doesn't seem to be a way to cancel reading a book when reading it from inside a vehicle?
  2. Hey everyone! As you've likely noticed, the server has recently been reverted back to build #28. I love the new blocks available in #29 and the zombie performance has never been better, but unfortunately overall stability is back to pre-#27 levels. Since the server has spent more time restarting than it actually has running, I reluctantly reverted back to build #28. The server has also been temporarily "hard-wiped." I have the map files backed up, so don't worry - I simply did not have the time to do a proper soft wipe when I made this change. I intend to restore the map as soon as possible. Do know that I will have to restore to our latest backup from the original Build #28 days, however, so there will likely be some structures that are lost. It's the only way to avoid problems that may arise from trying to revert a #29 map to a previous build. 'Zed count is astronomical again, and that is unintended. I like having huge 'zed counts but it just isn't possible in #28 without serious stuttering. We'll be reverting from "Romero" zombie settings back to default settings shortly. In addition to these changes, the actual machine itself is getting upgraded, so expect a new IP address soon - as well as a performance boost - once complete. The old server will be officially depreciated on 10/12/2014, so users will not be able to connect with the current IP address from that date forward. Pretty excited for these changes, hopefully everything goes off without any kinks. I'll be updating all relevant pages with new information as it develops. In the mean time, good luck, and have fun out there! - Z
  3. Just wanted to say thanks a ton for all your work on this. I see it already supports #29 and displays additional server details now - fantastic! Great work!
  4. Reading up on garbage collection and JVM optimization right now. I had never heard about this before - thank you for the lead!
  5. 1) In your project zomboid folder (the directory that has your project-zomboid.exe file, should be something like C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Project Zomboid or something simular), create a new text file. 2) Inside your text file, paste the following text: ".\jre64\bin\java.exe" -Dsoftreset -Djava.library.path=./ -cp lwjgl.jar;lwjgl_util.jar;sqlitejdbc-v056.jar;./ zombie.network.GameServer PAUSE 3) Save the file as ProjectZomboidServer_SoftWipe.bat Running that bat file will start the soft reset process. However, you're not ready to run it just yet. 4) Navigate to your servertest folder. It should be something like users/UserName/Zomboid/Multiplayer/servertest or whatever, but I can't remember off the top of my head - writing this from work. It's the folder that has the thousands and thousands of map_XXXXX.bin and zombie_XXXXX.bin files. You'll know it when you find it. When you find this folder, you want to Copy-Paste ALL of the zombie_XXXXX.bin files and STORE THEM somewhere else. The reason why you are doing this is because running the SoftWipe.bat will delete these files, and you don't want that. 5) Right click "Project Zomboid" in your steam library. Click Properties (or details? whatever) and change your version to the Beta branch (IWBUMS). The reason why you are doing this is because if you run the SoftWipe.bat using build 27 #1 stable, it'll run out of memory after processing only like 20 files or so at at time. This is unacceptable, because you have thousands upon thousands of files to process. Thankfully switching to the IWBUMS version first and then running the .bat file resolves this error. You can always change back to the stable version when you're done with the entire soft-reset procedure. 6) Ok! PZ is set to IWBUMS branch and all the zombies_XXXXX.bin files are tucked away somewhere? You're ready to go. Run the SoftReset.bat and go get some lunch, this will take a while. 7) Once the bat file is done, navigate back to your users/UserName/Zomboid/Multiplayer/servertest directory. Look for the map_t.bin file inside this folder, and delete that sucker - that little guy is responsible for time. If you successfully restart the entire server but forget to delete this file, then you will have repopulated your entire server with rotten food (d'oh!), so don't forget this little detail. Takes only 2 seconds to do but can cost you two hours of time doing it all over again if you forget. 8) Take all the zombies_XXXX.bin files you backed up earlier and move them to the folder (you should still be looking inside users/UserName/Zomboid/Multiplayer/servertest or whatever it is). 9) Boom. You're done. Hopefully I didn't screw something up, this was all off the top of my head; let me know and I'll edit the instructions accordingly.
  6. Hey everyone, So I got my server set up, figured out the escoteric arcana that is the soft reset process, went public, and have managed to (mostly) keep this boat afloat. Now I'm starting to wonder about server optimization - but the first obstacle I'm encountering is that I have NO idea what kind of performance I should even be expecting from this jalopy. When I talk to other players / server admins about what kind of performance is possible with this game given my current setup, I get widely varied answers. Nobody really seems to have a clue. So I'm starting this thread with two objectives in mind: 1) I'd like it if other admins who have managed to get a server successfully running for a week or so to post their setup / performance here so that we can zero-in on some answers? 2) I wish to ask if anyone knows of any methods to optimize performance and/or can anyone think of any obvious mistakes that would adversely affect lag? Here's what I am running - Cores: 6 Memory: 16 GB (85% of which is allocated to project-zomboid-dedi-server.sh) OS: Linux Debian 7 Cost: ~$100/month Location: US, Chicago VPS hosted by NuclearFallOut. Here's the performance I'm getting - 0-10 players: Lag is good. You can tell it's not single player, but there is (largely) no glitchy behavior. Zed's rarely phase; when they do, it's only for a split second, and normal gameplay resumes immediately after. 10-15 players: Lag is noticable. Second or two of delay when talking in global chat. Zombies phase left and right to the point of no longer presenting a risk to players. 15+ players: Lag is unplayable. 2-3 seconds of delay when talking in global chat. Zombies phase so much most players can run right through a horde and be unaware that they are even there. Even trying to follow another player is pretty difficult to do. It's pure farm-simulator and Minecraft builder with this many people on, because zed's are pretty much non-existant. So! Anyone have any suggestions / feel like posting their own setup?
  7. So, the transition to public went better than expected, though not exactly without a hitch. Doubled the RAM on the server, will be monitoring it closely; let me know if we have any more unexpected crashes / lag spikes.
  8. Welcome aboard =D Also, flagged the server as Public today, after the weekly soft reset. I'm pretty sure the server's ready for the traffic. /crosses fingers
  9. Hey, sorry to everyone who was playing today and kept getting chunk errors. It was an esoteric issue that affected only Linux servers, caused by the freakish amount of files that PZ divides the map into. AFAIK the issue is now resolved; let me know if anyone is still getting abnormal amounts of chunk errors.
  10. Giving the server a soft reset. Server should be back up no later than 6:00.
  11. Server Status: ONLINE Last Soft Reset: 11:59am Friday 7/11/2014 Next Soft Reset: ~Morning Friday 7/18/2014 ------------- [6/28/2014]: Hey everyone! Been running a private server with me and some friends the past couple weeks, decided it's high time to open it to the community. No mods required; should be up 24-7; PvP enabled; pauses when players are offline; otherwise, normal settings. No white-list necessary. Maximum players is currently set to 64; will most likely be lowered once I get a feel for how many players we can support w/o lagging. Server IP is Server also has a subreddit available for the community at: http://www.reddit.com/r/zysPZserver/ You can reach me either in this thread, or the subreddit. Have fun out there! [7/06/2014]: Soft-Reset dates have been determined! Early Friday mornings, when most people are at work/class, I'll be doing a soft reset, so as to maximize Water/Electricity up-time during the weekends, when most people are available to play. Still haven't decided if/how we'll handle Hard Resets, feedback welcome. [7/11/2014]: Server has been set to Public!
  12. So after some additional searching, I read something mentioning that the current iwillbackupmysave version of PZ fixes the memory problems with the SoftWipe.bat file. Tested it and indeed it does! I'm still interested in finding out the answer to my original question, but to anyone else trying to do a softwipe on a linux server, you can simply download the map files to your windows PC, change your PZ installation to the iwillbackupmysave version, run the batch file, and then upload the cleaned files back to your linux server. I was already aware of this workaround before, but since my windows computer is a wimpy 4-gig compared to the linux server I'm renting, I could only reset 10 files at a time before the program crashed. Screw. That. The fixed .bat file does the trick!
  13. Hey everyone, I'm currently running a dedicated PZ server on Debian 7. I've successfully managed to soft-reset a locally hosted test server on windows with the SoftWipe.bat file, so I managed to figure out the process. My problem is when I try to do it on my Linux server. Does anyone know how I can go about converting the .bat into a script for Linux, or does anyone know where I can find someone who has already done this? Sorry in advance if I'm missing something obvious - like a file I can simply install to run .bat files on Linux or something. I'm pretty new at Linux.
  14. java version "1.6.0_31" OpenJDK Runtime Environment (IcedTea6 1.13.3) (6b31-1.13.3-1~deb7u1) OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (build 23.25-b01, mixed mode)
  15. Newbie here, sorry if I'm missing something rather obvious guys, but I get as far as running projectzomboid-dedi-server.sh (for the first time, right before we edit serverOptions.ini) and I get: I've followed the instructions to the letter, AFAIK; with the one exception of running... ./steamcmd.sh +login steamusername steampassword +force_install_dir directory/you/want/to/install/to* +app_update 108600" validate +exit... as a single expression; that wouldn't work for some reason, but breaking it up into separate statements worked just fine. This is *exactly* what I entered into putty, if it's any help, from beginning to end: I made sure to add the world.db to the folder, and edited the projectzomboid-dedi-server.sh (located in /home/steam/Steam/SteamApps/common at this point) RAM to... -Xms3276m \...before attempting to run the server. ( I have 4096mb available on the VMS ) Anyone have any idea what I'm doing wrong?
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