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  1. any status as to release now on the new build? checking back every couple days just waiting to actually be able to play the game. Thanks!
  2. checking back in , any idea when build 25 is out so mac players can play the game? Thanks again.
  3. They said 2 weeks and that was about 6 days ago. So I'm hoping by next weekend maybe ill be able to play the game? I have played single player before and I just can't get into games that aren't MP anymore. It feels like a waste of my time like its all for nothing?
  4. My steam is MadMike0082 and my ps4 also if ya have that. Add me I'm looking for the same and i play lots of games like this (all of them id say). IM on a mac so I'm stuck in limbo until the new build 25 drops tho....
  5. Yah i keep checking back day after day.... Just still waiting on build 25
  6. So then MP works on mac now? do you have to join a mac hosted server? I thought it was DOA till Build 25
  7. Ive got 20 on it! plz .....
  8. I read all over the place is there any general idea of when 25 goes out ? Like this week? 3 days? 3 weeks? Just curious if I should be checking every hour on the hour or just move on for a bit...
  9. There's no ETA, but hopefully the whole issue will be resolved soonish. There's nothing you can "figure out," just go sleep and hope it gets fixed in the meanwhile. /Cry
  10. So does anyone know when mac's will be able to host? Because I read from Rath on here somewhere (it was late I was tired as shit) that macs can only connect to hosting done by macs. So if macs can't host then MACS have zero access to MP in any way NO ? Jesus I've been up all night and next day trying to figure this out....... Just wanna play MP........
  11. Ya i finally bought the game for me and my son but we can't play MP cause I can't find a Mac hosted server Id like to do my OWN but I only see instructions for PC and Linux? I don't care if I had to pay money Id do it in a heartbeat. Love this game and am so happy its finally got the MP component.
  12. As you may or may not have read anyone with a mac has to connect to someone HOSTING via mac.... So, can all the lovely people hosting servers let us know somewhere in either the title or the thread that they are PC or Mac ? thanks so much all.
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