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  1. agreed, best server I've played yet! never any lag
  2. we have a great server with no lag and a great group of people playing, come join one of our alliances or start your own with some friends. send me a message for the teamspeak ip
  3. if i had my safety on and you had your safety on, roleplay involved and everything I would leave you be!
  4. destroy it and rebuild it repeat the process, if it continues there is a forum for telling the developers about bugs with all the information on how to tell them properly so it gets fixed faster.. 1 thing I remember is they want you to repeat the process and tell them the process. hope that helped
  5. you need to work on your comprehension Aricane, good luck with that.
  6. well when I walk around with it on and you have it off I will shoot you, and you will die. but if you had it on we could have a moment of friendly conversation or bare minimum a friendly, respectful pass by without guns blazing. so what you said earlier in this thread which im sure everyone already read may be the way things will work for "you" but heres to hoping not all people think like you. if I have safety on I can still merc people who have safety off. you understand that part of this function right?
  7. that level 1-5 idea was pretty good, items have less chance of the negative effect when higher levels
  8. I am a camping fanatic and also been working in construction since I was 16 so I have a feel for a lot of tools they use in this game for weapons. things like a crowbar would be a little on the awkward side to pull from a skull if you got it stuck in there! lol assuming you would be holding it length wise, if you got the curve end stuck in a head the weight of the body dropping would more than likely pull it out of you one hand and you would have to stand above the head to be able to pull it out easiest.. but if you used the blunt end of the curve you probably wouldn't run into problms. nailed planks could also be a rough weapon to use, depending on the type of wood and length hitting something with a wooden plank can be brutal on your hands and joint because of the vibration.. so if you hit something and some of the nails got stuck in the head or body of a zombie it would be enough with the vibration to drop the plank. I have never used a pool cue in the game yet as a weapon but those things break very easily just like in movies haha unlike the plan though a bat is made to be able to wrap one hand all the way around the weapon though, so you would have 2 good grips on it and would more than likely be able to pull the bat out. maybe the dev's could make it so if your weapon does get stuck you press swing once more and it is pulled out.. adding risk and danger to the game but not enough that you would constantly die from it.
  9. just curious about the Easter egg talk.. who has landed inside of the docks by the shelving units over there to be able to look for a rare item of something cooler? ;) nudge nudge
  10. kitchen knife and screwdriver and maybe scissors would probably not get stuck on account of the handles they usually have, with better grip for practical use. all the others would have a way better chance of getting stuck and your hand not being able to pull out in the smooth quick motion you would want. and axe on the other hand would more than likely sever a head right from a body and also is an item made to chop wood.. if you have ever chopped wood with a quality axe before you would know it is a tool made with the knowledge it will get stuck in the knots of wood you are chopping on occasion and therefore is made easy to pull out with one motion, sometimes requiring your foot place on your chopping block to pull the axe out (placed on the zombies chest while pulling it out of the skull) I think it's a cool idea to have weapons have low chance mishaps but it would have to be a very low chance because if it was often then you would be left undefended if you were a scavenger who is always only carrying 1 weapon so that more can be scavenged per trip. just thoughts, would like to hear what you think on my thoughts. p.s. lets continue this talk with ideas about blunt weapons and what we can come up with on those
  11. RJ you and anyone who helped come up with this idea and the way it works with safety on and off need to pat yourselves on the back, RIGHT NOW! go ahead, I can wait till you have done so..... really guys this doesn't drastically change the game, but that doesn't mean for a second that this isn't a game changer. fixing the shoot on sight thought process in a PvP world isn't an easy task, and I love that you developers are concerned about it enough to test a innovative way to fix this mentality. someone in the forum said "mental patience running around" which is how PvP usually feels. (laughed at that one ) but those mental patience leave a sense of uncertainty when meeting new players in PvP which usually leads a friendly player to reach for his shotgun and blow a hole in a complete stranger, this gives a little heads up. say if you come up to a person and they have the safety on and you also have it on its a way of seeing that they wave the same flag as you, a flag of a sane person, you see someone throw safety up as soon as they see you, well maybe they are okay and maybe they are just a wolf in sheep clothed fashion. also a side not for lemmy! I love the way you worked it and referenced to amc's TWD that scene, great reference to explain to someone that this is making PvP roleplay more involved and easier to read a persons intent instead of assuming everyone is a "mental patient" anyways I'm ranting like the Irishman I am, great job guys and I hope the tests prove to make a game changer to MP PvP! Duke The Wolf
  12. me and friends playing in your server are getting non stop connection failed.... let me know what's up please.. the city was getting a little aggressive so I moved everything to the middle of the woods and carved away enough space for a house and now I can't get in to build my house. I spent like 6 hours scavenging to find a few seed packets and the 4 construction tools and the 2 farming tools.. it would suck if all that stuff laying on the ground in the woods just disappeared
  13. hahahaha not happening matthew, you are the only person on this game I would never play with again by choice.
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