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  1. Should be great if player 2 or even 3 and 4 be able to use extra monitors without Multiple Monitor Software
  2. I do not understand, what is your native language? Or could you perhaps rephrase? Polish... When you move and stop moving with knife while sneaking there is collision knife with your head
  3. you needed re-log to sewer to see drop. Drop only cloth, no extra loot. Pants bugged with topless (I confirm on female player). moving with knife cut some head? xD 3d models look really good
  4. But we already can find in homes items like JoJo, WendingRings etc. Men(Human/Zombie) with skirt don't look like wearing skirt xD
  5. Zombies need have more junk and sometime useful items
  6. No option for "never reset"? is more realistic still can find berries in forest and some players can make farm if no they all will die and then you can eventually reset server you dont needed Weapon for kill zombie you can atack with hands and kill with foot
  7. I hope in future will be one port for multi and will be possible to change port on server.
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