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  1. Hello Everyone, I will be switching my Currently PVP Server http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/5753-project-zomboid-open-pvp-server-located-in-france-pvp-rp-247/ into a PVE - Whitelisted server with the next major release (Build 25). You can sign up for getting on the white-list for the server with the link below. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1VOze9Gwy4wTrDnhSe6NKAzb-niXJPen9SLtFU-ugWrQ/viewform NEW SIGNUP WEBSITE http://revolut10n.com/register/ NOTE: Those who have already registered on the google form do not need to re-register. Thank You. Note: I will personally add everyone who signs up on my friends list to confirm that they are the correct person who signed up with their real steamId. And I will need to see that you do own the game to make sure you are the right person. If your profile is private, I will have to ask you to make it public temporarily so i can verify you indeed own the game Project Zomboid. After that, you will be put on the server white-list. If you are caught hacking / cheating, you will be permanently banned from the server.
  2. I will do a reset tonight. But you can check out my first post on this page, i will be making this server private whitelisted, and everyone can apply to have access to the server. I want to keep hackers out of my server, if players hack and cheat, they will be banned.
  3. What kind of a server are you looking at to play on? PVP, PVE, or PVP with Safety feature enabled? I do run a server but i'm currently in between of making a decision as to how to proceed forward with it. Opinions from people who are mature enough to start a thread like this are the people who's opinion i count on to make a better decision
  4. Actually deleting servertest does reset the world, but the player file can create conflicts within world versions. It resets the loot containers, but structures will differ between what the server sees and what the player sees. To add to this, there is currently no system that verifies that the client and server side map files match each other. There are two copies of the map, One on the server and one of the player's profile. Resetting the world will reset the world, structures will disappear for new players that join, but if you reconnect, you will see the structures on your client-side even though they shouldn't be there. I do not know if they are fixing the sync issues next update, so far i have read nothing about server/client syncing.
  5. What are you talking about? You can't talk like a girl??? pfffftttt, you should practice more often. Like many games VOIP doesn't need to necessarily be used for roleplaying servers, but you can't deny in non RP servers they would probably be a handy thing to have. If it doesn't fit the vision of the game it shouldn't be implemented, even if (and I agree it would be) it would be handy. For me it doesn't fit with the style of the game and I'd much prefer it to be text chat only as I think of this as a role playing game. I already outlined some changes to the chat system that could be implemented in my threat: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/6139-changes-to-the-chat-system-shouting-saying-whispering/ Also I do believe the devs may have said they want to blur the distinction between Npc and player, voip certainly makes it quite black and white. (If someone can post a link to where a dev said that I'd be grateful.) However whether it fits with the vision of the game is ultimately the devs call. I would totally be happy with options to disable voip in server admin controls. The whole VOIP concept is optionally, it is not a 'recommended' thing to have in the game, it can be turned on/off as a user deems fit. Not everyone likes to type, people can cross communicate. One speaks while the other one chats. Happens all the time with me and my friends.
  6. @RobertJohnson Can we not have SpawnPoint as an array with the ability to store multiple custom spawn points, instead of one spawn points? Also a command for the admin to go to a spot and type in /addspawnpoint and it takes the coordinates of that place and adds it to the list of SpawnPoints?. Just putting it out there as it would make life easier for end user, don't know about the programming part of it
  7. I made a suggestion a while back with Walkie Talkies, But it has been completely ignored by everyone x.x http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/5786-multiplayer-suggestions/ I believe they are working on the 'NPCs'. All in good time, i rather have quality then some idiotic npcs that can't even kill a fly. Currently one spawn point makes the immediate vicinity as useless as anything that is useless. Random spawn points will help test things out, once again, the multiplayer is in a testing stage.
  8. I just found out about the 3D Voice Comm and the value it would bring to the gameplay. My vote is +1 for implementing 3D Voice Comm support Teamspeak and Mumble. It would be really nice to shout in the mic to grab the zombies attentions, while other players around me here my audio in 3D. If i'm on their left, they hear it louder from their left ear. Someone needs to get working on this before the 'NPCs'
  9. As of now, the public servers are getting brutalized by hackers, abusers and griefers. My server is practically unplayable with the amount of horrible activities going on about there. Really looking forward to the next release with more admin tools and control. The God of the Poll has spoken. The people have spoken. We all want a persistent world to play in. A world that will evolve along with us. We will be the superior species, we will rise again and build new cities, a new world order!
  10. Currently there is no consistency between clients and server maps, this led to a big issue on my server. Some dick boarded off the starting spawn house and you simply could not get out of the room. I had to reset the world so new players wouldn't have the problem, but since i had already logged in, i was doomed as it still showed me all the barricade still existing. I had to get a friend in and give me molotovs to take care of the problem. and i just logged into the server again to see the same bullshit happening again...sigh* I hope we get a fix around it soon.
  11. I like the idea of the whole new system. It is definitely a plus point for people running in groups and it makes you wary of 'shoot on sight mental patients' running around the world. And I have to agree with lemmy about the penalty factor. You hit someone, you can't go into safety for a while, which is a really really great idea. Friendly fire has definitely been an issue while running around with a group, i've had my head hurt and down in Half hp with 1 hit because friendlies didn't compensate for range. My server will definitely not be pure pvp after this coming into the game. Hopefully we all can provide great feedback for you guys 'whenever' the update comes out
  12. Suggestions have gone out regarding the resupply of loot. Hopefully in time , devs will decide on how to move forward. But lets not wait for a military type 'npc'. cause, nps,ya all know that there is no ETA on it. Could be months before it happens, could be weeks. What we need is something for the next release of the multiplayer update. Again, this is a testing stage of the multiplayer and having resupply random houses and stuff will be a good experiment to see how it affects the overall gameplay. We need to try X and test, test and more tests to see how it helps or breaks the game.. We won't know till we try! I ain't saying we resupply it like its a fresh house, resupply as in 3-4 random items per house or so. Minor amounts as it the town won't be 'dry' anymore. Here's to hope! Let's see how it goes next update, I just hope they have random spawn locations next update, to me , it is one of the most critical components that needs looking at before the next release.
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