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  1. I'm sorry. This thread was begging for this kind of reference...
  2. Why, the only use they ever had: BURNIN' SOME SICKASS ANT HIVES!!!
  3. NPCs will blow your mind so hard you'll start wondering why you even bothered with this suggestion – of course, by then, you will have no brain to do the thinking for you. How's that for awesome new feature?! Ha! On a side-note, they're working on a better system for hordes/migration of zombies. Should be fun too! Sound traps? I like that. Maybe make a separate suggestion thread for that? Multiple suggestions in a single thread tend to get kind of lost...
  4. When the time is right to start modding, I'm sure a lot of item packs will be released. Heck, I'm even willing to contribute a few packs myself. Sounds like a fun project to do.
  5. I like the way you can clear out an area and establish a "safe" house. There's something about killing a dozen of zeds and setting up a camp that just makes you feel so proud! Wouldn't want to wake up and find the entire area flooded again - all the good work wasted... That said I firmly believe in the migration idea and wouldn't mind if a bunch of them came through the area once in a while. Just not in large numbers. Except if a gun were to be fired or something; anything that would make sense for a large crowd of zeds appearing.
  6. Just figured out the arrow on the left thing after posting, thanks! Still needs an "x amount" both in putting in as getting out of a container. We'll see how what the updates will bring!
  7. With "all" my suggestions, do you mean this and the other (unrelated) one, for a mere two in total? I don't see the point of that, I'm afraid... As Rathlord stated, they'd rather have them separately and for very good reasons so. Good to hear they're planned! Always looking forward to new tasty updates!
  8. Currently, the UI layout is not saved across new games, forcing the player to reposition the menus to his favorite position each and every game. I suggest saving the layout information (visibility and position of menus) and loading this on every new game/load.
  9. When taking items from a container, it is possible to take either one, half or all of them. Currently, these options are unavailable when moving items to a container. E.g. You have two items, each having a weight of 3 (= total of 6 weight). The container you're trying to move these items to only has place for 5 more weight. At this point, you cannot drag them into the container because that would move all of them (6 weight) and the container only has room for 5. You would still like to move at least one of these into the container, but this is currently impossible. My suggestion is to add options for moving single, half, all and perhaps even an x amount of items into a container.
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