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  1. Build 41.23 41.43 Primary equipped Molotov. Secondary equipped lighter. Try to throw Molotov but the noticed that the lighter disappeared. Can be because I hopped in and out of a car. Tried again and the problem still exists. (Edit: I search through the old posts. It seems equipping the lighter will have it turned on by default and thus draining its fuel. And when the fuel is all consumed, it disappeared from the inventory. I am yet to try if this is true. But still I think this is not very obvious for the player to notice it. I hope this can be changed.) Try matches as well but can't seem to throw Molotov. I thought I just need to hold right mouse button and left click on floor? Or did I do sth wrong?
  2. Is the normal and hardcore reloading bug going to be fixed in this coming build too?? Also well there be different skills for different guns?
  3. I was reading my cooking book in my safe house in a lazy evening. I was fast forwarding while a zombie just broke my living room window and got in. It scared the shoot out of me.
  4. Don't know if this has been reported: The second floor of this building is not reachable. http://pzmap.crash-override.net/#0.8114185846951425,0.13042131655570166,171.11111111111117
  5. Depends where they spawn -- they're pretty common in bathrooms. It was not in the bathroom, but right in front of the door welcoming me home.
  6. A zombie spawn inside my safehouse. I am not even loading my old safehouse. It's a completely new game. Is it a bug?
  7. My character died today 2 Months and 3 days...My longest survive.... died playing hero.. brought a shotgun and ran straight into a horde..used up all my shells and got out from it barely... when I was taking a break and checking my inventory..A sprinter got me before I could react. Got bitten and ran back to my safe house and died their on top of my crops.. BTW thanks for instructing me posting pics
  8. Can anyone tell me who to post screen shot??? I would love to slow off my record
  9. clearing an area and making a safe house does make us pround. The trouble is when u are 4 month into game and havent seen a damn zombie for 2 month. Safe house is pointless, why not just kill all zombie and set up a tent, currently that work. Also once u cleared a city (muldraugth in my case) this become a sim game . I got no idea how they could do it, but they need to find a way for zombie to kept coming at us. i mean whats the point of building a safe house if there is no zombie. Only thing i thinked about was maybe every 10 day after 2 month ( say electricity fail, prison door open or whatever) send us a wave of like 50-100 zombie HUNTING us. with 2 month to gather food/ammo/build multi safe house that could be fun.Imagine the possibilty, if u dont clear 1 wave or 2 . Anyway thats just my point of view, but i started playing zomboid because it was damn hard and i was thrilled by the difficulty to survive, so of course im leaning toward a hard game instead of an easy one. I like your idea but this will turn Zomboid into a tower defense kind of game..
  10. If they have reached the last growing phase, they will rot after a few days, depenting on the vegetable.You can harvest some of them at the second to last growing phase, but you will not get any seeds. How long will they stay good after harvesting?My diseased cabbage rotted after one day it entered the final phase.
  11. It's currently bugged so the game will crash if you do it. If you really want to try, build a stair, stand on top of it, build a couple of floor if you got the materials, climb down, climb back up. You will fall to the ground with a broken leg. Soon after your game will crash.
  12. One thing I worry about migration is whether zombies can really walk their way up to the city. How long does it take for us to get to the edge of the map? Two in game days? How many metagames will be needed for them to get to the city without getting wandering off to the wild??
  13. I somewhat do not want zombie spawning so I know I am actually helping myself to be safer and safer each time I kill a zombie. However after more than one and a half month surviving I have cleaned out pretty much all the zombies in the neighborhood and it has run out of the tense it used to have in the beginning of the game. What do you guys think?
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