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  1. Oooh speaking of that, how are we going to act towards other survivors? Will we be friendly or....?
  2. Is this a bad time to mention that I meant it as friends... O:3 Too late, tottaly going to make MichaelxJaye a thing in this group now. You guys are going to be so cute together. :3
  3. I guess I should have asked before I posted this but, if I am accepted into the group, when multiplayer comes out will this be our little RP group or is this a forum thing only?
  4. Name - Chris Nesbitt Age - 18 Gender - Male Role - Scout, scavenger Background - Chris played Football in his hometown of St.Louis. Chris moved to Muldraugh 2 years before the outbreak(he was 16) with his parents. He hated leaving his friends behind and having to go to a new school as junior but, he coped with it until he met some new friends in clubs and other school activites. However, just as soon as he had finally settled in, everything went chaotic. He lost his dog to a random shooting and was robbed at gun point by two thugs. Not too long after His mother and father were killed in their sleep by a lone zombie that crawled into an open window that he had forgotten to close. He was devasted and was forced to survive by himself. It didn't take him long to get used to his dad's golf club as a weapon, which he called "Striker". His agilty and guile helped him survive in these tough times. For awhile, he lived in his old house, until it ran out of food that is and had to rely on food runs to survive the week. Every week he had to go farther and farther for food. That's when he decided he needed to find a new safe house and hopefully, some other survivors. With his School pack on his back and his golf club in his right hand, he was prepared for almost anything that came his way, or so he thought. During one of food runs he ran into of group of survivors who called themselves, "The Militia". Hoping they were friendly, he approached them with his weapon holstered and arms up exclaiming, "Hey, I'm friendly!"
  5. NOPE. Tried using knife when my trusty Pool Cue finally broke and got bitten on my chest. I survived the bite, luckily
  6. The pool cue. All day, everyday. :cool:
  7. The original Dead Space had infants in it. They were called Lurkers, I believe? Look it up.
  8. ^This. No more room in hell did in fact have children zombies in it. No one seemed to really care about that. The devs already said they wouldn't add children in though so, I guess all of people who want children in game will just have to wait on a modder.
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