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  1. In fact, I found a manual in the boot club! You are my hero, Hugo Qwerty!! Thank you very much for your kind help! I was about to give up.
  2. Hello, I started a new run as carpenter and I selected 'luck' as trait. I was happy, because I found a sledgehammer for the very first time. I never found one before. Unfortunately, I found no manual for generators. I found approx. 12 generators, but no manual. I searched the book store in Riverside, the school and after that the post office building. No manual for generators found. Then I searched the trailer park south-west of Riverside, the storage building for the factory and the self-storage building. Again, no manual found. I also searched some homes of Riverside and the physiotherapist. All with no result. Now I'm running low on gas and I'm frustrated, very frustrated, because the power is gone and I have enough generators that are all unusable. In my opinion it is a little weird having 'luck' as trait and not finding any manual for generators. It can't be that I found all kind of books and magazines (sometimes threefold and fourfold), but no manual for generators. It is very frustrating for me! I will start a new game. This time as Electrician. For this profession there are no manuals for the use of generators needed. How can it be that there is absolutely no manual for generators in the city of Riverside and its surroundings?
  3. I like to play this great game by a xbox 360 controller on my PC very much, because I have strong problems using the keyboard. At the moment the game supports xbox 360 controller, only. This is a little bit pitty. I broke my 1st controller on this game. I bought a 2nd one, but this time a ThunderRobot G30. I didn't know that there are differences, because the 2nd controller looked very similar to my 1st one. Unfortunately, the game does not support the ThunderRobot G30. It is still possible to use my new controller with this game, using this trick: At first I have to put the xbox 360 controller into my computer. After that I put the ThunderRobot in. Now the ThunderRobot is seen as normal xbox 360 controller and hence I can play with it in the game. I would be very glad if there are more controller or joypads supported in future. It seems to bee that I can not do all with a Joypad. Therefore I'm glad that I can use my mouse additionally.
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