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  1. HerioJohnX

    Techno Babbloid

    I don't think many player will go PVP in PZ MP.
  2. As the title said, PZ is the most realistic zombie apocalypse game I have ever play. But we know there are some mechanics / balance issue that break the realistic aspect. unbreakable television / microwave building object is one of them, I saw many player use this as an advantage that keep zombie away from the window / door...etc. I tried not to using this technique because I personally prefer a more "make sense" way to survive in this game. I think television and microwave should be a very fragile object compare to wood wall / table. Any reason
  3. Like the idea. I know this is not quite possible, but I always imagine the game can put in the "relationship system" What is the relationship between you and other survivors before the apocalypse? Are you guys friend? co-worker? girl friend boy friend? enemy? this will somehow affect your guys performance, for example, you are easy to panic, but with your friend standing next to you, things looks less scary now. If someone you hate came into your room, you can't relax and sleep...etc
  4. Think the MP can be release in 1month? Exciting!!!
  5. HerioJohnX


    Thanks for all the hard work, again. The date of we taste the MP is close. right? RIGHT???
  6. HerioJohnX

    Ohio Orio

    Another one step forward for MP! Niceeeee!
  7. HerioJohnX

    EmergenZy Stop

    Can't wait for the sound update, keep up the good work!
  8. HerioJohnX

    Rusty Rifle

    think the MP able to open for beta in 3 months?
  9. Good job guys! Can't wait for the MP release!!!
  10. In reality, I think is physically difficult to grab the edge, peeking for an amount of time, I am not a sport expert, but I think it is somehow difficult than jump over it, because when jump over it you have the momentum advantage, but holding at the edge require full body's muscle strength. You can try do this in real life, I bet your whole body will start shaking in a short amount of time. But it is an interesting idea though!
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