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  1. HerioJohnX

    Last Boy Zcout

    Thank you. Another one step closer!
  2. The devs train us well through the game, we will be fine.
  3. "Thank you for the hard work" is a very strong speed up tool.
  4. Another one step close! Thank you!
  5. HerioJohnX


    Keep up the good work! New theme sounds amazing! (Edit: I soon realized this is not official new theme, but still sounds amazing though! )
  6. HerioJohnX


    Keep up the good work! would like to hear more MP related update! But the works from Noiseworks sound perfect! And curve road sounds interesting! Thank you!
  7. a mod called "Customizable Zombies" can solve your problem. But I do agree this should be in the sandbox setting as well.
  8. Please keep up the good work! You guys rock! Some people just don't understand the pipeline of game development. I was worry about the connection and lag issue, but at least you guys found a way that seems work isn't it? can't wait for the next post! I am also very interested about the plan for the next 2 , 3 years. I know NPC and wild animal is one of the plan, but I would like to know more detail about it. Much thanks!
  9. 3044 footstep sound?! Noisework Rock!!!
  10. Glad to see some gas station change, always want some thing to force player to move their base.
  11. HerioJohnX


    Let's hope this new client system will make things much smooth! Can't image we can have nearly 0 lag when fighting zed in MP game!
  12. HerioJohnX


    The sound effect looks great! syn up with animation is fantastic! Love the main theme adjustment, if PZ have a boss enemy, this theme will be suit when fighting him.
  13. It is really an amazing idea! To be honest, I already have more than 400+ hours in this game, I personally have no problem with the current inventory UI, but maybe just because I already get use to it. Grid inventory is really a realistic design, but just worry about it is not user - friendly enough, you know in PZ, half of the time is organizing our backpack. but consider PZ is really a hard core survival game, I guess realistic is more priority?
  14. HerioJohnX

    Techno Babbloid

    I don't think many player will go PVP in PZ MP.
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