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  1. (Image by BillyR, pulled from Discord) Being able to move props would add a new level of customization to the game. You can put ammo boxes and items in different parts of your house to customize it. It works very well in the image above, although its constructed so things like clipping are not a problem. In the game it might be. Furthermore not all of the item icons are suitable for this at the moment, although many of the weapons (like the gun above) and wooden planks have been converted to blend in with the game-world. A system similar to what's used in the Sims would be nice.
  2. Would also like a whiter hair color, I'm trying to make Hershel over here.
  3. Will a method of trying to extinguish the fires be added alongside it? Looking through the necroforge item list I've found a defunct extinguisher in the base game. Something as simple as filling up a bucket and tossing it at the flames would be nice. Edit - Just figured out you can by right clicking on the fire, here I was equipping trying to shoot the fire with it. Thanks @Burger_Time.
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