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  1. look who snatched my screenshot from reddit. why downscale 3d objects tho, if this opens room for 2d sprites to be upgraded
  2. Equip on > back primary secondary can we have it?
  3. well, so far i've noticed only wolf howling sound being too generic, like warcraft 3 night time generic. but thats not what bothers me. for now i only wish they gave back the detailed volume setting, where we could tweak the every sound, coz volume balance in some moments sounds hella off. and the new smoking sound, whats up with that being so hideous? dont get me wrong, i like the update and all, but take a look at "misery" mod for stalker, smoking sound back there was amazing, you could close your eyes and tell this is a sound of someone smoking, here if i do the same, it'll sound like someone overturns a wooden box with rice inside edit: oh no, i'm an idiot. havnt noticed that the topic is outdated as hell
  4. the range of hair colors when creating a character is much more extensive than there is dyes in the game. the ability to return to the native hair color through shaving bald, or adding missing dye colors would be great. or even both.
  5. visual bug. 41.45. vanilla you can see it on him but not in his inventory once he's dead, there's only satchel
  6. 3m 20ish days old save got a few tiles of carrot that was planted in one day. then it snowed once for a couple of hours. during that snow i fertilized some carrots. few days later i've noticed that fertilized ones are stuck on 3rd stage, when non-ferted were already on 5th. same watering level, no diseases or zeds, everything clean and pristine. loaded post-fertilizing backup, in debug mode fertilized the stuck ones once more while its +10 C, and few days later the carrots finally moved to 4rd stage. no idea where i'm gonna get that many ferts to unstuck the carrots outside debud mode tho 41.45 vanilla
  7. cut to the chase. current pots are barbie-sized. a stew of 110ish nutrition will got you covered like for 2 days and thats for one person. what if i want to bother with cooking less frequently. what if there's 2+ mouths to feed. we need cauldrons. big ones. maybe kazan-like like on pics below. something of this size as well
  8. 1m 11d passed. somehow rachel grew into hat and the hat into bob . meanwhile over eye goes straight to long steam 41.39 vanilla
  9. according to ppl from the discord, they are not even close to being a rare item
  10. created 4 brand new saves with loot set to normal and ran thru every store in riverside plus cheсked gated community. found all kinds of purses and handbags, along with all backpacks, except for alice pack. but not a single fanny pack whatsoever. just none. 41.38 steam, vanilla
  11. brand new save, no mods, steam 41.38. other than that, the game appears to work stable console.txt
  12. Fire. there's tangible part of players persuaded, that weaponized fire is too op. that there's no way player should be getting access to half a town worth loot only because he has a molotov/campfire. i'm not it the camp of #NerfFire or #FireproofZeds team, but if fire shall be nerfed, then it should be done reasonable and logical. therefore i'm suggesting the following: since fire spreads over a horde through chain reaction zed-grass-zed, dead fallen burning zed can act as grass. to make fire less effective, could be increased the time of exposure to fire before a zed catches up in flames, plus some chance that the flame on zed goes out, as it happens with player's character. as for campfires - they should be trampled if certain amount of zeds passes though it. Traps. if you nerf one player's tool, something esle must be given in return, otherwise its just a nerf-fest. hence i think traps for zeds should be added if fire will be nefred. a pit or a ditch that is human height deep. covered or not with leaves and brances, in which you can lure some amount of zeds, without any way to escape (since zeds unable to climb tall fence). now i know minus one floor is not a thing for pz yet, so it could be not a physical pit with real 3d zeds in it, but just a 2d sprite that will show if the pit is empty, or there's some zeds in it. and when the pit is full, lets say its 8zeds to fill the pit, it will act as regular and even grown for other zeds. for player it will be a death trap, since zeds inside are still functional. Water. water pressure goes out on 4 or 5th day iirc, but that such a minor and neglectable thing because of residual water in the taps, that i dont really feel it when i roam a city in search of loot, coz i always can go to another house and get myself a full bottle of pristine water. to increase water's value, it should go bad in 25ish days since the pressure is out. i mean everyone knows that still water, especially in closed container can start smell funny after a week or so, depending on ambient temperature of course. Cooking. Player can use weapons that also serves as a tool in cooking process. rolling pins, knives, machete. if the tool is bloody, it should add a hidden infection to the food it was used with. (infection might be cured if the food passed specific heat treatment?). and that food should apply the virus to player as if he was bitten. i mean really, 30 minutes ago you pulled that knife from some zed's jaw, and now you cuting bread with it, or gutting fish? Etc. this one came from my very own expirience. my character held a lug wrench in his main hand, and on command to break a window, he used his elbow, while a damn pen works just fine for this purpose. shouldnt any solid enought item, espesially the one made of metal make this procedure safe? apologies for any grammar, not a native speaker
  13. my recent death brought me up to an idea. pic 1 https://imgur.com/ajULrIf pic 2 https://imgur.com/t2iDngl pic 3 https://imgur.com/rZUVqU8 so there's a wall and i want to see whats along it. but to tell whats there i can only from a certain distance to that wall. which is weird, coz nothing obstructs vision for my character. and there's no telling if its safe along that wall or not, without coming closer or making unwanted noise. the solution that I propose: to make cutaway trigger either on everything, or on specific building that your cursor points to/at a certain distance to it, both upon entering combat stance (RMB)
  14. related to this post altho infinite strafing was nerfed by smooth full stops on recovery frames, there are still occasional moonwalks that stands out, and can get you into a trouble, since they locking you in place at the start of a strike, unlike those "recovery" stops 41.33 https://youtu.be/T3QUB-WSLIY
  15. these are some corpses that spent there a few days, now looks like 2 mannequins from the store on the left, but keeping their own loot 41.33 steam, vanilla
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