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  1. then thick skinned is only a character creation trait while self defense class can become redundant in late game, doesnt that make self defense class worse than thick skinned at the same points?
  2. I thought thick skinned only reduced the chance to get infected when you actually get scratched? wdym by -3.75% chance? dont you either get scratched or bitten for sure? Also i doubt i can survive long enough to max guard skill without +1 starting lol
  3. What is the difference between these traits? From what i understand thick skinned decreases the chance of getting infected when you get scratched, and blade/blunt guard decreases the chance of actually getting scratched in the first place. Which trait is more beneficial in the long run? Also im playing on build 40 if that changes anything.
  4. I am sure I had this in build 40. Nasty thing while trying to knock down your roof
  5. its because the game is isometric. You just cant see whats on that wall if they are not big enough or are directly attached to the wall
  6. im not sure if its already in the game but maybe watching this can reduce boredom and sadness
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