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  1. This was also an issue for me in build 40. Sloped glass on northwest side doesn't exist and you will fall straight through to the ground floor. Sloped glass on southeast side can't be walked up. The top of the roof works fine but you need to build stairs to access it. If you walk onto sloped glass from above you will fall to ground floor.
  2. No this is definitely a bug, some hanging items are visible, like the pizza whirled menu. Besides, I have been able to see these things in the past.
  3. https://i.gyazo.com/4f1e507827ebea3c0f11803266aeb6ac.png Unsure if this is just in the muldraugh gas station (farthest one south) or map wide, but I don't recall seeing any urinals while looting. Edit: Also posters, the citrus posters in the gas station are also invisible Edit2: Many cosmetic things that goes on a wall is invisible but able to be interacted with (picking up and placing). So far it has been some posters, hanging urinals, air blowers
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