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  1. AFAIK you can still lower infection chance, or remove zombie virus (separate from regular wound infection) altogether, in sandbox settings. This also gives more usability to the first aid skill.
  2. Yeah, I think this is only done as an alternative to zombies being able to climb over cars. Since cars have various models and climbing is more difficult to animate.
  3. It's a cool idea but, as was said, keeping a log of which books you have is a thing you can do with good old notepad.exe or a piece of paper.
  4. Again, I don't see why this has to be the way. Set the flag when an item is "launched" from a zombie during a hit. Easy.
  5. I think it would be trivial to add a flag that says "this is from a zombie" to items right as they are knocked off the zeds head and start a decay timer as it is done for corpses.
  6. In my long-term game, I have killed about 8k zombies in as many months. The decay mechanic was a fantastic improvement, but it did not cover all problem cases: A single hit is enough for players AND zombies to lose their headgear. The landscape can get littered with various eyewear and headwear. If the player doesn't vacuum these up, they end up both being very hard to find (in the case of glasses) and/or being an eyesore (in the case of hats). The engine does not perfectly sync up 3D items to 2D background so 3D models "wobble" on the ground. This is probably worth a separate issu
  7. Working MP is a big one. Working NPCs that can have agendas, build barricades and safe houses, loot etc. is another. Working Blacksmithing / Gunsmithing is going to make a big difference too. Lastly, better performance; some effects are unreasonably taxing on hardware and the game should have a way to deal with, for example, 200 zombie corpses so they don't make FPS tank. If you ever walked across a corpse-filled landscape in the rain you know what I'm talking about. So none of these things are completely new. They're all in the pipeline, it's just a question of gett
  8. Zork


    Weight stat should not be removed. A person can gauge his own weight. Maybe with the addition of these items, weight on the character screen could be grouped into categories in 5 lbs steps instead.
  9. No, I mean good offense = good defense. Defense to me means being able to kill quickly when you need it, rather than having to juggle 4-5 zeds that refuse to go down. I don't think there are any weapons that influence *actual* defense. So if you get 80% chance on a 1-hit kill at level 8 blunt, that's basically what axe is like on the lower levels. I think the durability reduction when you attach a knife may be because of low carpentry level? When I had low carpentry and made spears, I consistently got 30-50% durability spears. On higher levels they all come out 100%.
  10. Zork

    Down Under

    They already shred sheet ropes though. And the thought of zeds climbing up there on their own seems silly. We are in Romero-land after all. In my late game, I don't see many zombies around the base anymore. What I think would be better than just making life more difficult for first floor tenants would be to actually have more zombies gravitate over longer distances towards the player base. It's easy to go overboard with this. But just seeing a couple of zeds once in a while bothering my base would be an improvement.
  11. Axe does more damage and has more 1-hit kills. Axes are great because they provide much better defense. If your goal is to kill quickly and efficiently, axes are your best bet (next to spears). However if your goal is to kill all the zombies in the world, you will run into problems. Hand Axes can be found on zombies, but if you're using axes exclusively that may not be enough. Blunt takes more swings, gives you more knockdowns and requires more followup. Maybe at high level it's giving you more 1-hit kills, I have yet to get there. You get a ton of free metal pipes from deconstruct
  12. Yes, but it requires some doing. Create a new sandbox that is identical, same name etc. Only the settings changed that you want to change. Then copy map_sand.bin (I think this was the file, anyway) from the new sandbox into the old one. Make backups.
  13. Yeah, sugar is more of a luxury addition and really shouldn't be mandatory for coffee or tea. We are survivors after all. You know, Rose Hips are already in the game. Rose Hip tea is a thing. Why not make it a thing? That way, we can actually have a tea that's used and useful beyond the very early game. Stir Fries / Cooked Stew is already a powerful happiness booster anyway, so I don't see the advantage we would get here beyond a bit of flavor. I get that you want to balance hot beverages/tea/coffee, but this makes these a thing that are almost never used. Any "sustaina
  14. You will note however that PZ features almost exclusively "classic cars" from the 90s or earlier. These are heavier built, and I bet going by the models used that many of these are supposed to have steel frames rather than aluminium.
  15. Zork

    Mascot Mayhem

    They also wreck some fences already. High chain link fences are not zombie immune. It only takes a small group to destroy these now. I don't know about the tall wooden fences, but have not seen these destroyed yet.
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