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  1. The first time I had a destroyed cage trap, I got 2 wire & 1 wood. The second and third times I had a destroyed trap, I only got wood. It appears to be random what you get. This is from an older imported save.
  2. Yes, it only fills up to about 2/3rds. Then subsequent exercise makes the progress bar shrink as fast as it grows back.
  3. This is quite good I think. In summer, food is easier to come by and frost is not a problem, but you may overheat and armor protection incurs more penalty. In winter, food is difficult but protection and insulation synergizes better.
  4. Zork

    IWBUMS 41.44

    Yes! Really been waiting for this one, nice round of fixes and additions there. Quick feedback: An upper limit for how much pain you may experience due to exercise would be good. I don't think sleepless Agony should be the proper result of a day's worth of exercise. Sleep even after arduous exercise comes super easy.
  5. Ah, I wasn't aware it had this much of an impact. Maybe we need another tier of damage here. A zombie scratch does bleed and is probably flesh deep, like being cut by a 5mm blade. A scratch on a branch is more like a bruise in that regard. Overall, right now it feels like tree scratches happen just a little too often, but they always tear holes in clothing which is annoying. Clothes are abundant, and tailor skill can see some use, so it's not strictly a bad thing. Important to me would be a way for the player to make sure he doesn't get scratched when moving through thick forests. By not running for example. The clothing tiers and the scratch tiers are fun ideas, but they are like icing on the cake to me.
  6. I agree that the amount of clothes shredding that happens is excessive. I don't think it should not happen at all, but something along those lines: Ranger gear, denim wear, jeans, jackets, woodsman shirts, hoodies, footwear and all items considered more sturdy should not take damage from moving through underbrush. Dresses, skirts, tank tops, t-shirts, regular shorts, regular pants and all less sturdy items should still take damage, but less often than they do currently and tweaked to happen mostly when sprinting or when panic level is high. (this may already be the case, idk) The scratch injuries I mind much less than the loss of clothes durability. Harmless scratches are a great way to train first aid.
  7. The game allows you to adjust the volume of every single SFX. End your own torment for now.
  8. Also there is currently a bug where player-plumbed sinks can draw not just from barrels but also from other sources during a rainstorm. This will also sometimes not fill the bottle a 100%, or even fill it with tainted water.
  9. I can confirm that plumbed sinks sometimes stop working in 41.41. I have a setup like this. I noticed the sinks would only fill bottles / pots to a very small amount even though the barrels are full. This may have been during a rainstorm, I'm not sure. Reloading the game seems to fix it. ALSO: Maybe this is a clue. Sometimes the water coming through the sink will be tainted. I see nowhere in IWBUMS patch log that sinks stopped cleaning rain water. Maybe the sink is drawing from a puddle.
  10. Sorry, but that's rubbish. CDDA is the most detailed zombie roguelike out there, so every other game could be called a rip-off at this point. Except that they aren't. Zombie tropes are a thing for a reason. If you now call every trope CDDAs intellectual property, I dunno what to tell you bro. The games play totally different. Zomboid is about Romero-style zombies, realism and difficulty of survival long-term. CDDA is about a crazy apocalypse melting pot of fungoid spores, evil blobs, demonic entities, mutations, bionics, martial arts, deathmobiles, magical artifacts and laser rifles. Spot a pattern? Yes, the core game is futuristic. Because it takes place in the future. You have about a dozen futuristic handguns, laser, plasma, rail guns, tank drones, powered body armor, powered stealth armor, CBMs etc.
  11. Confirmed these bugs to still occur in 41.37. I'm curious - do devs actually check this subforum?
  12. This seems to be the same bug that I reported for Water Bottles, where filling them (or having them not be entirely full) will result in odd weights. Fully emptying and refilling them fixes it temporarily.
  13. There are some around the tall fence here as well.
  14. You have to differentiate between zombie infection and wound infection. The latter can still kill you.
  15. Confirmed all the bugs to still occur with 41.34.
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