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  1. No, corpses don't give you stress. They do make you queasy and sick after a while if you're lingering too long too close to big corpse piles. I think the flies SFX is the indicator for the "disease counter" slowly ticking up.
  2. Zork

    Last Boy Zcout

    Agreed. Door opening sounds very forceful, while it should always sound like the player is attempting to do it quietly. Maybe with the exception when the player is in running mode and hitting E at the same time, it could use the louder noise (And also create more noise).
  3. Zork


    Nice sounds. Especially like the revolver shot and the blunt weapon. The axe sounds too "wet" to me honestly, I can't imagine zombies bleeding that much.
  4. I liked the idea of wandering traders a lot. Late game should not only be about zombie populations but also about survivors forming bigger and better groups. Dynamic content in the form of quests you give to or receive from survivors. Maybe even a community establishing itself and dealing with hordes, the breaking down of technology and the scarcity of certain items such as ammo and medicine. Having options to improve player structures, player vehicles, clothes, better food storage etc. would also provide a lot of late game fun for me.
  5. Zork

    Noise Works

    Wow, that sounds (LOL PUNS) great! While you're at it, a couple of sounds still have crazy high volume compared to others. Animals in cages, using the trowel, thunder (somewhat better now), and I *think* some of the construction/deconstruction sounds.
  6. Since not all plants thrive the best with max water (i.e. carrots), is this bulk watering system still able to handle that kind of control? Also, you mention updating the underlying java systems. Is this akin to people using system java rather than the one bundled in your jre folders? I have been using system java (8u261 x64) for some time. Works fine by the way.
  7. AFAIK you can still lower infection chance, or remove zombie virus (separate from regular wound infection) altogether, in sandbox settings. This also gives more usability to the first aid skill.
  8. Yeah, I think this is only done as an alternative to zombies being able to climb over cars. Since cars have various models and climbing is more difficult to animate.
  9. It's a cool idea but, as was said, keeping a log of which books you have is a thing you can do with good old notepad.exe or a piece of paper.
  10. Again, I don't see why this has to be the way. Set the flag when an item is "launched" from a zombie during a hit. Easy.
  11. I think it would be trivial to add a flag that says "this is from a zombie" to items right as they are knocked off the zeds head and start a decay timer as it is done for corpses.
  12. In my long-term game, I have killed about 8k zombies in as many months. The decay mechanic was a fantastic improvement, but it did not cover all problem cases: A single hit is enough for players AND zombies to lose their headgear. The landscape can get littered with various eyewear and headwear. If the player doesn't vacuum these up, they end up both being very hard to find (in the case of glasses) and/or being an eyesore (in the case of hats). The engine does not perfectly sync up 3D items to 2D background so 3D models "wobble" on the ground. This is probably worth a separate issu
  13. Zork


    Weight stat should not be removed. A person can gauge his own weight. Maybe with the addition of these items, weight on the character screen could be grouped into categories in 5 lbs steps instead.
  14. Zork

    Down Under

    They already shred sheet ropes though. And the thought of zeds climbing up there on their own seems silly. We are in Romero-land after all. In my late game, I don't see many zombies around the base anymore. What I think would be better than just making life more difficult for first floor tenants would be to actually have more zombies gravitate over longer distances towards the player base. It's easy to go overboard with this. But just seeing a couple of zeds once in a while bothering my base would be an improvement.
  15. Yeah, sugar is more of a luxury addition and really shouldn't be mandatory for coffee or tea. We are survivors after all. You know, Rose Hips are already in the game. Rose Hip tea is a thing. Why not make it a thing? That way, we can actually have a tea that's used and useful beyond the very early game. Stir Fries / Cooked Stew is already a powerful happiness booster anyway, so I don't see the advantage we would get here beyond a bit of flavor. I get that you want to balance hot beverages/tea/coffee, but this makes these a thing that are almost never used. Any "sustaina
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