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  1. WestPoint GIGAmart: Lots of fresh vegetables to be found in the garbage bins in the building D: That's a crime against nature! Like... I kinda don't mind finding extra food inside containers, where they aren't suppose to be but c'mon... Poor veggies!!!! What could Stephan Hawkins think!?!?!?! May his soul rest in peace.
  2. This just keeps reminding me of a good old saying: "Pulling on a plant ain't gonna make it grow faster."
  3. Hey, it's not like we're cheating on Project Zomboid We bought the game, and are cheering the team on. And yeah man. Empyrion did everything right.
  4. Aye. There's something timelessly charming about PZ. Like it acknowledges that poeple aren't into triple AAA polished games, like they are a luxury product made to be sold in the 60 Euroes range, just to end up lacking in innovation. Look at Mass Effect Andromeda: INCREDIBLE graphics and music, and atmosphere. But all people cared about was how ugly the animations were. But everyone did agree on one thing: The experience was mediocre at a game design level. Same old shit + shiny does not make it great. PZ on the other hand; Indie as a stone. Timeless pixel art and doing shit no triple AAA studio would ever even DARE cuz it's *so* niche. It's so refreshingly different. Such attention to detail, without the shiny. It becomes clear that PZ is not meant for the common denominator. It's meant for connoisseurs who have already played all the kiddy games 5000 times over (Battlefield, WoW.. CoD, Counterstrike, etc etc..) It walks it's lonely path, across a dark forest, and has to pace itself. I respect that. You know how some games waste sooo much resources on "fidelity" when something with less fidelity achieves the exact same danm gameplay and experience!? Let me illustrate an example. The Drake Cutlass on Star Citizen: The Drake Cutlass on Space Engineers: The Drake Cutlass on StarMade: The Drake Cutlass on Empyrion Galactic Survival: B***ch, please. By the time Star Citizen get's their game out, i'll have mined, salvaged, fought, explored and crafted across 250 star systems, and 1000 planets on Empyrion. The exact same feature set on both games, just that things look better on Star Citizen. And even then, Star Citizen will never have the same crafting experience as the other 3 indie games.
  5. I don't wanna micro-manage a bunch of Tamagotchis with issues. I can do that on Rimworld and The Sims series already. On PZ, I wanna fill up my pick-up truck with loot and kill zombies with an axe. Kthx.
  6. Hi guys! I saw the OTR map on PZ maps... OMG it's cool. The oil barrels and the gas stations - Do they work for vehicles?
  7. I don't really care for NPC's. Didn't need them in the long dark, ARK, or Subnautica, Myst, Osiris: New Dawn, Planet Nomads, 7 Days to Die . That's probably why i'm at peace here. Only NPC's I encountered that I had to actually outSMART were the ones in NeoScavenger. They can actually kill you in your sleep. I get my kicks from long term survival logistics and strategic mobility. It's why i'm getting my kicks from the above mentioned games and PZ. Cauterizing wounds. Why? You can bandage it. You can disinfect wounds with alcohol and cotton. Then drench a rag in disinfectant and use that as a bandage. That's better than taking a hunting knife and cauterizing one's wound. You'd sooner find rags than fire to heat up a knife. Especially with zombies everywhere. As for sanity. The chances that a player will quit before the character itself quits is a nice measure of sanity. Lack of NPC's? The Zombie virus is an airborne transmitted disease. Your one of the lucky ones who are immune to the aerial element of it. So PZ promised NPC's? Well get this. and GET THIS GOOD: Wildcard promised variable length bridges for over 2 years, only to have REMOVED it off the list, after selling not one, but 2!!!! DLC!!!! during early access. The Indie Stone isn't gonna abandon NPC's, which BTW, was never promised to begin with by the same team. (different team working on PZ now)
  8. I hate it how whenever you guys post a Mondoid (Tuesdoid?) some frakker has to put in "NPC" in the comments. It makes me wanna paste Lemmy101's post about the NPC's into my Project Zomboid review, and write in support of it, then request the PZ community to "find this review helpful"so it raises to the top of the steam review section, so people can stop being robots about the NPC thing. How isit that Subnautica can be completely devoid of NPC's, but it's a total crime that PZ doesn't? Oh...look. I just wrote a review: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Vyn_Halcyon/recommended/108600 Let's cut our Indie boyz some slack, shall we?
  9. You sir, are a shining example of communicating with the community. Thank you for taking your time to write this and setting things straight. Also huzzah on sticking to it, despite the shit you guys get thrown at you. I'm actually going to use this quote as a shining example to Wildcard of how to communicate with the playerbase. Such honesty, humility, strength and integrity all in one. I salute you. (and this isn't sarcasm). I really do mean it.
  10. Hmm fair enough. Would give guns some relevance. Wouldn't mind meeting a friendly smith to trade magazines with Or a cute lady to..... shoot.
  11. TBH, I'd rather they they not redirect resources from Metalworking in favor of NPC's. You got NPC's all over the place in State of Decay. Are any of us playing that game now?
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