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  1. I navigated to this page and didn't log in to my Steam account, so it shows up as if I do not own the game: http://store.steampowered.com/app/108600/Project_Zomboid/ I did a search on "planned" got three hits, all of which were inside of the minimized "Early Access Game" text box. In order to see the actual spots where "planned" occurred I had to expand that text box, as shown here: In the interest of self-vindication, that is all I need to point out. Any mentioning of the presence or absence of survivor NPCs is, apparently, at best contained within a minimized text box. Like I said, as shocking as it might seem, I don't make a habit of reading all the "fine print" (a figure of speech) documentation. I would be willing to bet that 95% of consumers do not, which makes me taking my time and energy to provide feedback to you about this matter an act of generosity to give you some opportunity to consider how a typical consumer might react. I'm not seeing any clear and concise message in expanded "Early Access Game" text box that would run approximately equivalent in message to: ADDIT: in any event, it is a good game, I respect the vision and creativity of the developers and I'm pleased to give it a positive Recommendation. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198071309618/recommended/108600 Godspeed Indie Stone!
  2. The game is fully worth every penny all of us paid for it, and it is a good game already, despite still being in early access. Once I had played it past the point where I started this thread, that became clear to me. But I started this thread because I played it for a while, expected I might encounter some other survivors but didn't (shocking I know, but I don't often read ALL the fine print documentation and the full Internet post history for every title I buy . . .), played it a while longer and still didn't . . . did some searching and pretty soon realized there are no NPC survivors in the game, and it was at that point that I had a reaction: "You gotta be kidding me!?" (grinning [not grimacing] mouth agape in surprise). So I posted, strictly in the interest of providing feedback. I had (and have) no intent of causing anyone any grief, nor engaging in hysterics, merely to convey the reaction of one user upon realizing there were no NPCs. Given I'm an older, fairly low-expectations user with some insights into software development that might be indicative of how a broad range of younger and/or higher-expectations users without much insight into software development might react. In sum, it is a very big "gap" in the game. Game is still worth buying and fun and not in anyway "not worth the sales price."
  3. Right. Better to sugar coat it for the developers. Wouldn't want to hurt their feelings by letting them know that "I am [was] tempted to post a 'Do Not Recommend' review on Steam." It couldn't possibly help them (the developers) to know how one individual (me) responded when the individual (me) realized the game lacks this functionality (NPCs), and since my communication might be possibly confused by them (or others, such as yourself) as being "petulant," I should not have been so honest . . . It is a great game. I'm tempted (at this point) to write a "Recommend" review on Steam. The Devs themselves seem very cool; I can empathize with being a slack ass, gifted at "strategic procrastination" with great skills, excellent vision, but minimal discipline (assuming that MIGHT be part of the problem, which I'm sure it couldn't possibly be!). Sadly, That "Mostly Positive/Mixed/ . . ." bit on Steam's sales page is probably the single most unfair mechanism in the consumers tool bag. Unfair because, small revolutionary movements occur from time to time where sanctimonious users "band together" to "raid" a games reviews pages and drive its status down (at least temporarily). Some of the reasons this happens are not properly linked to the actual merits of the product and sometimes there is little that the game's developer or publisher could do about it. But not always; there are a lot of stinkers on Steam and that aggregate rating mechanism also insures that stinkers don't manage to fleece too many unwitting consumers. You'll notice, I haven't written any review for Project Zomboid yet, and I made a point of alerting the games forums (and whomever might read those forums) that at one point my reaction to the lack of ONE feature made me consider writing a bad review. If you cannot see how generous and helpful that was for me to do that I don't know what else to tell you.
  4. And hopefully, only the beginning! It is a marvelous game. Inspiring even! Here I thought isometric, gritty-management (I'd almost say "realism" as much of the game mechanics are pretty hardcore realism, but then that whole zombie apocalypse thing. . .) games with basic visuals were "out of style." Very encouraged to see that is false.
  5. Ah! well that explains a lot, and probably accounts for why I "expected" for the mods to install to: %UserProfile%\Zomboid\mods I was probably reading something from pre-Workshop days. I wish I could recall what I had read that led me to expect them there; I'd try to annotate or edit it so future users don't get confused.
  6. I don't quite follow. I'm not saying that there is a malfunction. All my mods function. I'm simply pointing out that: apparently the mod-installer places the files into an obscure directory: X:\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\108600\498441420\mods I see at least one other game that uses this directory, Empyrion Galactic Survival uses it for users to share space ship and base designs. So, maybe I'm just being finicky by thinking this is an "obscure" directory. But it does seem that the intent was for mods to PZ to install in the X:\Users\<User>\Zomboid\mods\ directory? At this point, with several years of modding on the table, it might be more disruptive to change the directory than to just leave it the way it is; but if so, it might be that some of the documentation needs to be corrected.
  7. DicheBach

    Survivors Mod

    We love you and your best and brightest Canada! Keep sending them to Houston, Atlanta and Orlando!
  8. I fired up a sandbox with the Nighttime darkness value set to "Pitch Black." DAMN! Even with Night Owl, with all lights off and curtains drawn inside my house utterly black. Couldn't even manage to fumble around and find the light switch (electricity still on). Now I'm wondering if the values for darkness setting in the sandbox configuration can be adjusted somewhere? Re: OPs suggestions: Yes! all sounds good. There is Hydrocraft, which has an incredible assortment of additional items, though not sure how much more illumination technology it covers.
  9. DicheBach

    Hydrocraft Mod

    Holy crap dude; talk about everything and the kitchen sink! Great job!
  10. DicheBach

    Survivors Mod

    Do you have Justin Bieber playing in the background or something? Seems compatible already isn't it? I mean, it loads. Not sure if it experiences some sort of glitch?
  11. Strange . . . I have this: X:\Users\DicheBach\Zomboid\mods\loaded.txt Which says But no sign of the actual files that comprise those mods. A quick launch shows that they are active (or at least "Survivors" is). ADDIT: lolwut! http://steamcommunity.com/app/108600/discussions/0/405692758707261989/ Le Sigh X:\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\108600\498441420\mods\Hydrocraft If that is something you guys can reconfigure, it might be a good idea.
  12. DicheBach

    Test Track

    Yes. TIS, unless you already understood the point: PLEASE DO NOT take any assets or code or content of any sort from ANY other IP . . . Probably preaching to the choir but better safe than sorry . . . Listen to GTA's sounds, either in your copy of their game(s) or on YT, and then see if you can figure out how they recorded them and follow suit if it seems pragmatic.
  13. Yes please! So it raises a question for me: what are the legal/contractual ramifiations of an IP owner implementing features which were mimicked--if not wholesale copy-pasted--from code created by mod makers? I know there are myriad ways around it for the developer. For one thing, most mods will never be baked into the source code, and likewise, most users will not have access to the source code (or at least its most recent iteration). But if TIS implemented a "Environmental Signs & Symbols" package, it might seem obvious to some that they had "copied" certain mods, and I know that certain users tend to cop attitudes when it comes to that sort of thing. Me personally, based on my understanding of IP law, the owner of the IP takes precedence almost across the board. We users do not "own" really anything except a license to use the software, and that may be subject to certain restrictions that are not anticipated. That is, IMHO, as it should be. Creators of intellectual property need to be confident that their creations are secure and as such IP law needs to show favoritism to IP owners . . . With that said, it is also wonderful when IP owners can be gracious (and pragmatic) enough to allow users to distribute creations that articulate with the licensed software, i.e., "mods." The stance that various publishers/studios take on the matter of "who owns mods" seems to be diverse. Some seem to state categorically that mod makers own the mods, but only in a limited sense, and that the IP owner can exert considerable control over the created content as it occurs in the public realm. Others seem to think that all user create content is "officially" owned by the IP owner, or even to suggest that the IP owner has no ownership or oversight at all. If it were me, I'd have a policy that: you can make mods and distribute them as long as they do not breach any secure or encrypted features of the software, but you cannot sell them. I'd lean toward a policy that any mod content can be used as a basis to implement updates/revisions to the actual software, and even a policy that users may be asked if their content can be included virtually verbatim in the software, with credits, but no remuneration.
  14. MSI MS-7821 mobo, Intel i5-4690K 3.5GHz, 8GB RAM, Win7 / NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 3.9GB Played for about 10 minutes. Not seeing any issues (other than, yeah, as warned, not compatible with older saves). Do you guys need more specific feedback than that? I saw there was a list of points to consider when providing beta feedback in the other thread that preceding this one, but that was like 3 months and ~100 thread pages ago. Yes, that looks accurate. More variety of colors these days, but as far as I know white remains the most common.
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