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  1. @Capt_Paradox I forgot to mention above something funny about my daughters cat. Took videos of it too. She started this weird game when she's outside, taps on the glass and her cat comes crashing against the window pane like a vicious pit-bull. If I was a stranger, and didn't know any better, Id have told the owner to get rid of it. Its actually an act, as the moment she opens the door, this vicious ball of fur leaps into her arms and purrs as if only a moment ago it looked like the cat would have viciously attacked her. But that's not the really weird part. This cat woofs like a dog. Even pr
  2. Sorry for the spam. I fixed the park template. I'm going to fix others as well but need some help with two things. One, is can someone tell me if there is something in the editor that would tell me what the "??" is from? The swing set was an easy find, but I am seeing other blocks with question marks and no clue how to identify what is missing. If I can identify what the item is, then I can locate the correct tile template and fix it. The other question is, once I get plenty of templates fixed, how would I go on getting them uploaded here? edit: Another fix I just made was with the
  3. @Queen Glory I discovered another post today that mentions about making buildings and using special templates for that that decide the type of loot that spawn in them. I believe this is what your looking for? The links in some of the steps are dead, but it at least explains what your looking for and how the names have to be the same. https://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php?/topic/21951-the-one-stop-tilezed-mapping-shop/
  4. Ok, I discovered something really interesting. I was placing several buildings, one gave error which meant a graphic that was part of it could not be loaded, so loaded the building into building editor which is named InApBl_by_7.tbx, and saw a swing set that is part of the built in park. Was wondering if the graphics were really missing, so looked into the tiles folder and low and behold I find location_community_park_01.png and realized, the graphics are actually there. They are just not loading in. Is this a game bug or does something need to be edited to get those graphics loading? And if I
  5. just finished the map touchup, and discovered something so weird. Had to go into a backup I made because I discovered the veg map was severely off kilter. It was as if the whole veg map was selected, and at some point shifted right about 16 blocks. Most likely, I had left the map open when I went to bed and one of the cats saw fit to sleep on the keyboard. Anyway, everything is now where its supposed to be. I'll make sure to keep my pc shut down this time.
  6. Tough question, least for me to answer. One thing I do know, or at least I think I do is the building editor makes changes to certain files when you do things like adding your own graphics. I'm actually looking into what exactly control those because some houses in that huge list, have question marks and unless another graphic is picked for it, they can't be used or the map errors when trying to convert it.
  7. I ended up converting the map back into a bmt and png file. The small touchups were ok, but when I did a test run on areas that had no grass, or have grass now do to road removal, I found grass growing inside several buildings so to make things easier, as I only placed 4 buildings anyway, was to work on the map in paint and touch up all 4 layers, then go back to adding everything else. I'm sure there was a way to fix this in the editor, but being new, I took the easier path so as not to mess up a good map I spent a lot of time on. Not to mention, I was going nuts with the editor, because for s
  8. I noticed one of Ringod tutorials, an older one has information about building configurations, but unfortunately as you can see by the below link, they are old links from your old website so either got deleted or moved somewhere?
  9. I actually found a section regarding loot, but from what I can see, it has nothing to do with the building, it has to do with the item itself, like vending machine, fridge, etc. This what your looking for?
  10. Thanks so much QG. I didn't know you had to put something in to spawn loot, but the fact I do know now, will try myself. It took time for me to learn the ropes on spawning a working map, which so far have done without any issues. Designing buildings and what spawns in them next step. Again, thanks!
  11. Crazy question. Is this your video? If it is, you ask people to message you if they have any questions, but you don't have private messages enabled. Left you some comments on two of your videos if this is you, that I gather you don't visit often.
  12. Thanks for the info. You were right, I was using the tile editor. Found the building editor and worked from there. I resaved under a different name but discovered I really didn't have to delete all the stairs and replace them. Turns out, just loading them into the building editor, then resaving puts in the correct information so the building works, or at least this is what happened with the big office building I could not access the floors on earlier.
  13. Your the one who is making the Creative mode for the game?
  14. I'm terrible about that. Sorry Queen Glory. My daughter actually wants to talk with her after seeing he buildings I was playing with. My daughter loves art and making buildings too and just got into PZ, but has been making buildings for a few years now in Roblox. I either see her painting anime, or making buildings.
  15. Thanks Capt_Paradox,. Will it also move and change the locations so grass and so forth wont grow, like how we set them up in paint? Lets say for instance, I move the road 100 feet. Will the program adjust to where I move the road and stop the grass from growing on the new road locations, and now where the road doesn't exist, allow for plant growth? Or do I got to go back into paint, and make adjustments there?
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