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  1. having problems with multiplayer. still desynchronizes when MP using cars. also has problems with mac joining in MP vehicles. though that may be a separate thing. some cars spawn on top of each other. pick up lots of keys in one parking lot but only one works.
  2. Yup. No cars in WP. Muldraugh is okay though. Haven't checked other maps. Some lags happening while driving cars. Also they disappear from inventory when we try to get items from the car trunk. We had to drop them to the ground then pick them up again just to get our stuff. Seemingly, if you drive particular car for some time in-game, it stays with you and doesn't disappear.
  3. Same thing happened to me too. Was in multiplayer with my friends. One of them experienced lags. Suddenly I can't see them in the game. All the progress we did was lost. All loot was put on reset. The walls we built were gone. Kind of frustrating. It's hard to be a carpenter. All the planks gone. Effort and hours to build nice base gone.
  4. I don't know what you meant by server options to enable cars. But this is the only thing I see in my UI. I've checked everywhere else that made sense. I've ticked and unticked that box but nothing worked except the manual way I mentioned earlier.
  5. I'm having the same issues like yours. I'm not on Linux, am on windows though. IWBUMS works fine but not the vehicle tech test. Doesn't even start, just terminates.
  6. I saw something odd though. It says I'm on Build 17. Wasn't 16 the latest? When I try doing a Solo or a multiplayer, no cars ever show up. I uninstalled and re installed. Restarted my laptop (windows, asus rog). closed down igfxem.exe on task manager (otherwise it's content blocked for me when i try to update) There's only one option that says vehicles when i start a multiplayer game. it's marked (vehicle easy use). Sadly, no cars still. Update 1: After trial and error, cars have appeared within solo game. no luck with multiplayer though. keeps crashing. Update 2: Finally got it working. I had to manually do it via going to C:\Users\UserName\Zomboid\Server then editing servertest1 config file in Notepad. Intially it was "VehiclesDisable=true" then I changed it to "VehiclesDisable=false". Now working on Solo and Multiplayer games. *Found why it crashed - some Mods and maps just don't work with the new build yet.
  7. Hey guys, Is it just me or there's no longer cars in the vehicle beta server? I updated and it no longer works. Literally no cars showing up after the update. Anyone know what's going on and how to fix it? Thanks so much!
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