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  1. Hiya, I know theres a bug, but i thought it was fixed but anyway. In my little server the water has just gone off. We have rain collectors so we could get water into pots and then boil it but then we cant pour it into bottles. Does anyone have a suggestion of a work around until this bug is fixed? Many thanks.
  2. I still cant pour from water bottles into pans. I just checked on my game without any mods definatly cant pour
  3. So the water has finaly run out. I was hoping to fill up some IBC's i had, but i cant. Are they still bugged? Or whatever bug is in the base game still there? Can you put other liquids in those IBCs as well?
  4. Am i missing something or is there no cross over for the Hunting from Hydrocraft? For example Hunt Deer with Shotgun needs a Shotgun, not any of the named ones this mod brings in. Is there any way to tie them together? Same with Varmint Rifle it needs .223 bullets, but only .223 bullets not any of the .223 long, or .223 remington etc. For the hunting. Hope someone can advise me on this. Cheers.
  5. My goats dead, do you need to feed them ?
  6. So im running a little server for some of my friends, its not dedicated, i just run in as Host through steam and play. When the cars version comes out how easy will it be to integrate it all together? Ive only recently started playing zomboid so im not sure what the options are. Thanks.
  7. So until the dog cant fight until you make armour for him?
  8. I hope this is the right place to ask questions about the mod as i have a couple Firstly the smelter, my friend badly burnt his head whilst using it, from what i could find he needs to be wearing a firemans outfit to protect him? Is this correct or are there other items that could be used. And dogs, we have found some herding dogs and hunting dogs and even an attack dog. I guess you just carry the Herding and Hunting but how does the attack dog work please? Or how do i make it work. Thanks.
  9. Many thanks
  10. Im trying to spawn something in in MP as admin and no matter how i type it it says its does not exist. For example. Advanced cooking i am putting in the following. /additem base.BookCooking3 and i get a message saying that base.BookCooking3 does not exist. Any help would be great.
  11. My group has managed to build a large compound and we are now building buildings for specific tasks but its very dark out there. Other than the flashlight on a stick are there any other light sources available. Such as being able to wire light bulbs up? Hope something like this gets put in if it isnt available atm. Thanks.
  12. Many thanks Really liking this game playing with few friends lots of fun.
  13. Do trees grow back to areas you have chopped them down, do they spread? Just concerned about wood use and limitations, i know Trees take a long time to grow in real life but just wondered about in game.
  14. Hi there, how do i fill Watering Cans and Canteens from an IBC Tower please? Ive tried picking it up, equiping it, talking gently to it, none of it works. Any help would be great. Thanks Brian.
  15. Thanks for the help. Ill add it and see what happens. Is there a way to back up my server first? Im just using the Host server button in the game on steam.