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  1. Change how loot is generated.

    Some people own more than one radio, and im sure some people may really really like watermelon. Though i get what your saying. Random distribution can sometimes make silly things happen. In those instances i like to make up stories for the inhabitants of the houses like i did in the place where i found panties, a cowboy hat and a shotgun but no other clothes.
  2. Hydrocraft Mod

    Aye, cheers :). Ive moved on from water now, im gonna make a still
  3. Hydrocraft Mod

    It sourced them from the ground around it, maybe thats why then. I wont worry about it
  4. Hydrocraft Mod

    this the sinks under a water source?
  5. Hydrocraft Mod

    Just in case it was missed. In making the Water Pump the Empty Well is not destroyed. Should it be?
  6. Hydrocraft Mod

    Aye thought as much. I still have the well though. And shouldn't that have vanished?
  7. Hydrocraft Mod

    Ok after some work ive finaly built my Water Pump I was hoping to be able to fill canteens and such directly from it but i cant. Also i still have a well. It needed it to build it but it hasnt been used up when i built the Water Pump. I use Hydrocraft through steam, so its whatever version that is. Thanks.
  8. Looking for Artists for Hydrocraft Mod!

    Can i just say the skills of the artists and modders for this Mod are amazing, i wouldn't know even where to start.
  9. Lewd Literature Mod (Zomboid v37.14)

    Love it, made me laugh :).
  10. Hydrocraft Mod

    Thanks Cyrrent ive seen that i just wondered if it did anything like make you go faster maybe? Seems to have a low weight limit.
  11. Hydrocraft Mod

    Ive found a bicicle, whats it do?
  12. Hydrocraft Mod

    No ive been everywhere i dont survive long enough for that. Thanks
  13. Hydrocraft Mod

    Do I need to do anything to my single player game to make this update? Or will the new stuff spawn in?
  14. Hydrocraft Mod

    Birth Control Pills? I didnt realise we could procreate.
  15. Hydrocraft Mod

    Many thanks.