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  1. Thanks Rath, all I wanted was some feedback
  2. Oh! I didn't see ya there! Welcome to Ashland, KY, home of the county-famous tv program, Duck Kingdom! While you stopped by be sure to pick up some of our world-famous Kentucky Fried Pizza from our nearest Spiffo's! Population: 3, 760 Locations that stand out: Tv-StudioLake Lemmy (with harbor and a boat rental service)SpiffosDuck Kingdom warehouseA farm or twoHunting Lodge (The Great Duck Lodge)TV Store in town Fewer Houses than Muldraugh, but more than West Point. Zombies tend to gather to places in more of the urban, but Hordes are known to be traveling near the LakeFeatured items: TV remote - Used primarily to turn on tv's (until power goes out) and create a distraction for player to move through homes or even the middle of town with a little bit more safety.Camcorder - Can use to make a video and play said video in any tv to lower boredom for self or other npc's (NPC's would be able to make videos during time that they aren't scavenging, hunting, etc.)I'd really like some feedback for this idea since I personally felt it was good, but I usually think that about most of my ideas.
  3. I feel so bad for npc's in your game if this idea ever gets implemented.
  4. Burial sounds amazing for npc/multiplayer o_o I think especially if/when RP servers ever come out, burials would be highly useful for putting your or another ally's mind at rest for letting them know that their loved one is finally at rest in the dirt.
  5. The only downside to this topic would be the prisoner not willing to go in the cell, would there be some kind of deal made? Or a stamina-type system added where you can use fists on npc's/players to knock them out for a short amount of time? Otherwise, unless the person was really nice or something, they probably wouldn't just agree to being locked into a cage.
  6. Pizza Delivery Boy (redux): 30 minutes or your money back: (For when they have vehicles) More likely to find keys in cars or 30 minutes or your money back: Can run for longer periods of time btw; great name Rath! ;D
  7. The only confusing part of Pizza Boy would be, where would you mark the locations? If there was a map then it would be overpowered to have one job with a map and no others with a map.
  8. So while I was playing today (I've played basically everyday since the announcement of West Point ), I thought it would be cool to make some characters from popular media, which ended up me thinking of some traits/jobs that would be epic to have in game. Jobs: -Teacher Booksmart: You gain more entertainment from reading books. -Governer Golden Tongue: Survivors (NPC's) are more likely to want to join you/Help you -Pizza Delivery Boy Delivery!: ??? -Bartender Happy Hour: You and all survivors following/with you are less likely to get drunk. -Doctor First Aid: Bandage-Applied wounds heal faster. -Thug Streetsmart: You start with a pistol and 10 mm bullets. Traits: - Heart Problems: (-6 points) When in high panick (the highest state), your character has a chance to pass out for a randomized amount of time. -To be continued later when I think of more ideas... c; If you have an idea that you feel needs some publicity or feedback, feel free to post it!
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