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  1. Hello, thank you for Vehicle Test 22. For me sound for cars is fine - but the signal-lights didn't work. And when I try to sleep in my car I get this (tried different seats) >
  2. @ddraigcymraeg > Thank you for this awesome AiO-Map-Pack. You a the best. I tried the same (for my personal use) before you started with it - I learned from the others AiO`s about the structure and started to merge all maps into one. But what you did is much better > Fixes for TWD and you moved 0_0 maps with "fixed" objects.lua - just awesome... BUT... I looked on every map and Map-pack on Steam-Workshop. And I miss some maps/cells in your mod *** 524301139 - South Muldraugh >>> You took it from the "old" AiO - but "678778880 - Kaputt, PA" overrides 3 cells/chunks of "524301139 - South Muldraugh" And I would move it 3 cells down too - otherwise it overrides some houses on "678778880 - Kaputt, PA". (see map at imgur) 860479137 - Valley Station Military Outpost >>> You took it from "786130456 - Survivors! - UPDATE YOUR ZOMBIE.zip" but i think if you use the "860479137 - Valley Station Military Outpost" map you have a "newer" ones. Just because when there is a map update, you have to wait that the new update gets into "786130456 - Survivors! - UPDATE YOUR ZOMBIE.zip" first. Just a suggestion. Cooper's Peanut Packaging Plant, KY - Viceroy_Cooper >>> You have it on your map (below "514427485 - Phoenix") - but not listed Found this one in "822745981 - TEK" and theindiestone-forums too. Orell, KY (Alpha 0.1.1) >>> I found this one in "822745981 - TEK" (but cutted) and in "706723474 - TerminusPZ" (better ones I think) - but I cant find anywhere else. Maybe it can be combined with "860479137 - Valley Station Military Outpost" (roads fits - but must be moved - see map at imgur). "Asylum, KY - Insane Asylum - Viceroy_Asylum" >>> Found this one in "822745981 - TEK" and theindiestone-forums. I think the building itself is integrated into "522891356 - Bedford Falls" - but it looks different in design. A maybe map Survival Island v 0.1.0 >>> I found this one in "822745981 - TEK" - but I cant find anywhere else (got deleted ? in theindiestone-forums... Would fit into the sea of "532252577 - New Denver, BC" (see map at imgur). Maybe a "Bridge/Road" can be made for this too? 836865041 - ND Maps >>> Thought this is just a AiO-map too. But this are 2 maps that border on "532252577 - New Denver, BC" (see map at imgur). 772777521 - South Wuxburg, US >>> The last map from Steam-workshop that is missing - looks half-done but maybe a building site/area... I put it on the imgur-map too. 656317317 - McDonalds, Westpoint >>> A FastFood into the wilderness ^^ Maybe somewhere closer to a town when possible. *** Here is a map i made for suggestion > http://imgur.com/a/xoyqV *** Other AiO`s (maybe for compare) >>> 706723474 - TerminusPZ by Grumpy <<< http://imgur.com/a/Mzxa4 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=822745981 822745981 - TEK by Hunter <<< http://imgur.com/a/qvqEZ http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=655062253 655062253 - All in Zomboid Map Pack by Atlas1205 <<< http://imgur.com/a/it9Ox http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=866374030 *** Again > Thank you for your great and hard work to make this nice AiO-map-pack The maps i made can be used if you want. Greetings Sitte I. von Strolch
  3. Full Mod (All maps) on original v36.4 map - with borders and included maps (ID) > http://imgur.com/a/A1ybN created with Pz Cartographer - aka CartoZed v1 This is a Full map with Coordinates x0 - x59 ; y0 - y59 (17700 px x 17700 px) Date of creation: 2017.02.25 Map-Image created by Sitte I. von Strolch
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