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  1. I don't have access to old files. I deleted everything to make clean install. I'll give it a last shot with latest version and if doesn't work sadly i'll have to close only Turkish community server. Edit: I tried the last version and i still get the same error.
  2. I still get the same error with newest version.
  3. Other one is updated as well and i didn't get a backup before updating. Will be just waiting for proper solution.
  4. Hello all! I had a server running on 37.14 with no problemos but after i updated it to newest version i get an error. I even tried to create a new server however i still get the same error. Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: zombie.core.znet.PortMapper._discover()V at zombie.core.znet.PortMapper._discover(Native Method) at zombie.core.znet.PortMapper.discover(PortMapper.java:20) at zombie.network.GameServer.main(GameServer.java:560) Thanks in advance.
  5. scarhand

    Hydrocraft Mod

    Hey! I couldn't make valve machine because i think you haven't added the items yet. I couldn't even find them http://undeniable.info/pz/wiki here. Item's that are missing: Iron furnace, Steam engine, steam boiler...
  6. Hello everyone, I know how to do softreset but i couldn't find enough info about resetting everything. I want to keep sandbox and servertest configs. Is it possible to do hardreset(map,players,playermade bases) without deleting everything ?
  7. scarhand


    Can't wait to see those updates on stable!
  8. 1494416173189 function: createMenu -- file: ISInventoryPaneContextMenu.lua line # 567 1494416173189 function: onRightMouseUp -- file: ISInventoryPane.lua line # 1137 It's on updated multiplayer server by the way. I get this error when i try to fill my bottle from cooking pot.
  9. Herkese merhabalar, Türk oyuncular için kurmuş olduğum sunucuya herkesi bekliyorum! Sunucuda genellikle online admin bulunmaktadır. Amacım yeni oyunculara oyunu öğretmek, sevdirmek; Türk oyuncuları bir araya toplamak. Ayrıca rehberleri yavaş yavaş çevirmeye başladım. Oyunu öğrenmek isteyenler ve ya beraber oynamak isteyen herkesi beklerim! Ayrıca sunucuda sığınak sistemi aktiftir yani kendi evinize sahip olabilirsiniz! http://zomboidturk.com/ Hello everyone, I created a server for mostly Turkish players but everyone is welcome. I speak fluent English and Turkish so if you have any problems you can just contact me. Currently is PVE but safe mode is enabled so you can decide your fate. Also loots respawns twice everyday. It's perfect server for begginers. Also we do have base system so you can claim your safe house! Server Name: [TR]ZomboidTurk [7/24] [PVE] [BASE] IP: Love y'all! sc4r
  10. Hello everyone, When i first build my server i put 600 for electric and water shutter. So if i change it to something else now will it change for everyone or will it only change for new players ?
  11. Thanks a lot man! You saved me hours!
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