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  1. hello everyone, its been 3 years since i last played PZ. and im playing again because of this awesome mod. so i have a few problems: 1. Farming - every time my farmer harvests crops, instead of my farmer dropping it to the designated food storage, it magically appears in my inventory along with worms and trowel. 2. NPC trying to pass walls - i've surrounded my base (twiggy's) with walls and when my npc workers tries to be usefull by piling corpes or by gathering woods, they always ended up stuck in the wall trying to pass on it. i have to fetch them and order them to follow me inside my base. ill read the previous comments maybe ill find the answer, but for now ill leave it here.
  2. Im sure batteries on lamp post doesnt last for a week. So what you have to do is build another drop off and wait for another chopper well it really depends on your surviving strategy. If you like camping in forest or farming in the roofs, it will lure away zeds near your safe house, If you like building forts and outposts, then go take the risks.
  3. English is not my native language so bear with me. The sad truth about the game is it really bores us after surviving 6 months due to lack of presence of zeds. So i came with this chopper idea to lure them but in return it will drop supply crates. Every week a chopper arrives to search for remaining survivor. If you let it spot you, it will hover and drops supplies like canned food, guns, ammo or medicine near you (and also lure zombie near you). If you hide the chopper leaves immediately and will not drop supply Or you can paint a helipad sign in parking area , roof top or open spaces (which is far from your safe house) and leave a Lamp post( so they would know your alive) and drop supply and also lure zeds on that area. What do you think ?
  4. "There will be ashes by morning" throws 3 molotovs in the window. bounce back
  5. Twiggy's bar <3 those wall are not for zeds, its for TITANS. lol
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