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  1. The effort deposed on digging is going to be costly, that`s clear. We can`t just give it away as an easy alternative. Also you will need a ladder or some stairs, and something to cover it up, because I don`t think you would like to eat your bolognese side by side with some zombies. It might take a couple days to do that, because besides digging the room you need to ventilate it, maybe make the walls stronger ( most probably concrete ), so you will need a lot of materials and time. Good ideea as an end game improvement.
  2. Maybe when amputation comes in gain happiness from dismantling bodies?
  3. A strong, relatively easy to use in early game, sound source? Now that sounds as a good strategy to get a horde where you want. I can just imagine chillin` and thrillin` while catchin` some Z`s ( Get it? Catch some Z-s?) in a crampled up room and then boom shakalaka-xplode the whole goddamn place with my TV remote. Maybe firstly break all the windows, bring some amplifiers from other restaurants and then let MJ-s tunes bring death and despair to the ones that are dead and... despaired?
  4. http://pzwiki.net/wiki/Moodles If you have any other questions, go to the official Wiki. If you won`t find what you need on the wiki, search it here. Hope I helped you!
  5. Hey, kids. See this ideea? Now that should be the future of this game. I would love seeing the light bleeding inside my house in different colors ( because let`s be honest: not all sheets are white), and the ideea of chirping birds attracting Z-s is also something that should be implemented soon, mostly because we all know that they don`t care if the meat they consume is human or animal, as they`re attracted to caged animals too! And since they`re st00pid enough to forget after a 3 meter chase what they chasing... I guess it is pretty obvious that It`s gonna change the way they migrate... somehow.
  6. His pineapples were rolling with a mamma dog attack helicopter. Then suddenly, a wild squirrel army and a squirrel commander demanded nuts. He only waited five squirrel seconds before he politely obliged. Before they ripped his pineapples away, they exploded, causing a squirrel massacre, while screaming, causing cancer, and destroying Sauron himself which caused the Apocalypse, leading to legitimate heterophobia. In the next nightmare of Bernie, the sky felt the need to defecate furiously. All umbrellas were utterly useless. The Sun then squealed and a Rainbow covered placenta tree grew trans lesbians. Banana hammocks were banned in Texas, Kentucky and so were regular pineapples. The Governor was unhappy with recent fruit events and created stronger LSD to control Bikini Bottom. Gradually, citizens and animals became cannibalistic and ate the bourgeoisie. "The doughboy award was fraudulently given out to vegan femenist nazi supporters" said Shelly, as a giant Cthulhu
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