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Found 3 results

  1. With refrigerators running out of power, and gas being a limited resource, I agree we need more ways of keeping our food in good condition besides jarring it, as they are super rare currently. Root Cellars are what people used before refrigeration to keep vegetables and such from going bad (Meats were salt cured, dried, or smoked.). A root cellar is basically an underground storage area that is kept cool and well circulated. By digging deep (Usually 3 meters or 10 feet), the temperature is stable, and food can be stored. If you guys need some more information on root cellars, you can google it, or visit this page from the Farmer's Almanac This suggestion was inspired by Immortal Zed's little suggestion (question?), which is located here.
  2. Captain Flapjack reporting with a requisition form for the projects high commands, Codenamed: Devs I wanted to suggest a few things: 1. Simple root cellars for food preservation before/after power grid failure. I think it would be neat if you could (possibly using crafting, farming, or both skills) dig a small hole a few feet deep in the ground with a crate inside. That way the cold of the ground could help preserve perishables, especially farmed foodstuffs. Albeit, they wouldn't be as effective as a refrigerator, but still of utmost importance mid/late game when the power fails and your food spoils! 2. I know from personal experience that potatoes last a long time in the open as long as it is cool and dark. My family and I grow vegetables during the summer, and we still have a small crate of potatoes in our basement that are still usable for cooking! I think it would be a great implementation for those hard working late game farmers, and it would make potato farming very useful. 3. Bottling foods, such as rabbit, beats, etc, and making jams. With some salt water, a glass jar and top, and a pot of boiling water and you can seal up foods and jams that would have a long shelf life! 4. Smoking or drying meats. Smoking meats could increase it's shelf life. As could drying them (We already have beef jerky in game!). 5. Last but not least, drying and salting caught fish (if fishing ends up in the game that is). With something to lie out the cleaned fish in the sun, and some salt, you could potentially keep fish stored away for cooking for a quit a while! EDIT: 6.How about portable coolers as a container you can carry and slowly keep things cool at the same time? Small ones could be carried in a single hand. You could also get larger ones that could have extra storage capacity and/or weight reduction but require 2 hands (I have one of each in my house at the moment!) This was suggested by Jela331 initially, thanks friend! EDIT 2: 6.5. Building off of Jela331's cooler idea, it would make sense if you could find a new item, ice trays, and fill them with water and place them in the fridge (Or a whole new compartment with less storage, the freezer part up top) and after some time they produce ice and and empty tray. From that point we could use the ice to keep the coolers cold (Still slightly less than a fridge, depending on the kinda of cooler). When generators are implemented, one could power their fridge to make ice for their coolers, making them possible late game storage containers! This idea was suggested by Peemore, and I think it is an excellent idea and very realistic, thank you for the suggestion bud!. EDIT 3: 6.5.2. If the cooler idea were to be implemented, then have large, stationary ones found in some basements/cabins/or houses that rely on ice alone to keep their goods cold would also make said building ideal for a safe house (As long as you have a supply of ice) late game when the power grid fails! (Jela331 and Peemore pretty much gave me the idea for this one, so they get the credit here too! Thanks guys!!) I apologize if this post is long, and even more if it's already been done (I did some searches but turned up with nothing, but then again I'm a dumb guy, so..). I also owe you many thanks for reading this far! I am not going to take all the credit for these suggestions, as these all came together from the help of some of the community when I asked a few questions! The credit goes to all of us here: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/5321-hand-built-crates/
  3. So, I've recently read the update log for the new steam beta, where they stated that they removed the expiring of items that are in a container. I had not know that myself, but perhaps there could be a container such as a cooler, that increases the time that it takes for food stuffs to expire by some amount from the insulating effects that the cooler has. Perhaps expand that into having certain kinds of packs/bags that give different, but small benefits or disadvantages (say, a plastic bag might rip and drop items if it's loaded to capacity and you sprint to much) perhaps, if the player is carrying to many loose items in his/her main inventory, they take a small movement penalty (overwritten when sprinting, but you have a chance of dropping items) and bags, especially backpacks, remove some/all of that penalty.
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