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  1. Oh I was just going to delete it because I couldnt figure out how to make that first post NOT a wall of text sorry
  2. Okay thank you, im gonna delete this topic but thank you
  3. I cant figure out how to not make it a wall of text, i tried to edit it to where it wasnt so stupidly long but cant figure it out.....
  4. cant figure out how to delete the topic :l
  5. I'm making my house in building maker. There are these big windows that resemble my house windows. Thing is when I post them into the building you can't see through them. It's like its on the outside and inside layer but isn't making the middle layer see through-able. Example:
  6. The only thing I think to this, is one nail to the foot isn't going to down a zombie. It'd just keep walking, possibly dragging that foot. But a single nail wouldn't destroy it's foot. I like the idea of being able to step onto a nail and being in pain as a human. As for trip wires and such, that'd be awesome. And I think you should be able to use barbed wire for a trip wire to shred the legs.
  7. I like this idea, only thing I wanna say is how in 28 Days Later, in the picture he uses laundry baskets. Those wouldn't catch shit. Maybe just a few drops...
  8. I used the map that flashfire made for my map. I replaced the one I had and it still only spawn zombies in the buildings
  9. Wait it has to be a bitmap? I was reading on this tutorial on here and it said to ALWAYS save your images a a .png... And how do you guys keep the resolution looking good while shrinking it to 1/10?
  10. The first colored in image, plain I know, but it is the original size. From there I go up to Image... > Resize Image and downsize it to 1/10th scale. Im using paint.net by the way
  11. To reduce the scale I simply go up to Image > resize Image (Using Paint.net by the way, new to it as well) And then I scale it to 1/10 of its original size
  12. And here we go, So I tested your idea/way. It didn't work. I painted it entirely white once, didn't work. Painted it in with white,grey,and light grey and still didn't work. Link to current zombie spawn map (pure white, but still putting here so you can see for yourself) https://www.dropbox.com/s/qzbhde4yyswoqu0/Haven_ZombieSpawnMap.png?dl=0 The original one https://www.dropbox.com/s/uvumbe31s5h7d5h/Haven_ZombieSpawnMap2.png?dl=0 Oh and this is what I found on these forums about the spawn map: "Draw a grey scale map on top of your png map, with white being lots of zombies and black being basically none. Then scale it to 1/10th of the size of the original. Eg. If your map is 900x900px, your zombie spawn map should be 90x90px. "
  13. Heres what I did. I took my original map with only roads and grass not vegetation. I blacked out all the grass, then filled in different areas with white. Resized the image from 2400 x 2400 to 240 x 240. And how exactly do the colors work? Like white is a lot I know, but the farther darker the color is, is it less zombies then?
  14. I have sat here for hours trying to figure this out. I can't work it out on how to do it. All I have heard is to draw a grayscale map of the original and scale it down. But then theres only two settings, White is a lot of zombies, and black is basically none. Is this really the only way to do it?
  15. I figured it out! I took my new copies of the maps I wanted it to look like. re did the new map > BMP to TMX > Drag cells into positions. And after I did that, it had all the objects in it already! Admin, delete this or keep it up so that any one else with this problem can see it?
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