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  1. Yeah, craft helper is outdated in somewhat buggy to begin with. It slows down with all food mods I tried, it's just not that noticeable since most mods only add maybe 5-10 new recipes and not upwards of 100 new ones. Sucks, I know, since craft helper is a nifty tool, but the bug is there and not in my mod. Anyway, the recipes are all listed in this thread, and after you played a bit with this mod the common recipes are easy to remember and the more exotic ones (like Kimchi or something) are all listed here. So far it seems the mod also works in build 26 but there will be some duplicate items now that have been added to vanilla. I'll try to update the mod to use the new cooking system in the next few days, but I can't commit on any ETA. I haven't played a lot with the latest build, only small testing, so if any of you guys find items and recipes that are both in vanilla now and in this mod, let me know and I'll remove/update them in this mod. Using the updated version that Dr Horrible posted for build 25 (http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/7184-mods-updated-for-build-25/) and thus far I haven't had single problem with even more complicated mods like Recycle. Albeit...there is a significant jump in scale between those other mods and this one. Thanks anyway, I tried to find out what the java hangup was but it was beyond my limited knowledge. Anywho, seems like an awesome collaboration from what I have seen so far and I'll definitely follow it!
  2. Haha, Horror movie...I can just imagine Robert Neville (movie not book), perpetually terrified shit-less getting a movie like 28 Days Later from his video store...Although should tie it into the psychotic as something which gives them a 'beserkergang' moodle. "You begin your day by hyper-sensitizing yourself to violence: smoke some Ice, watch some Wolf Creek and kick some puppies. Now you are ready to face another day of reaping the dead."
  3. Hey guys, thought I'd give users a heads-up that there are major performance issues if you try and use this alongside crafthelper. Every time I open the craft-helper menu on an apple (only thing I have tried it on thus far) the game drops to a crawl and I have to alt-f4 out. I could be due to it being an existing save that I am installing it into though...so I'll try and explore it some more and edit accordingly. Edit: Same thing on a brand new start. The ProjectZomboid64.exe is very rapidly spamming: at zombie.scripting.objects.ScriptModule.getItem(ScriptModule.java:1120)
  4. Hmm, I fixed the stairbug in this building since Ringo mentioned it in my thread. Maybe he's using the old one instead of the newer. I'll look up for it . There exist a wall texture of an elevator, but you can't go through or open it (there is a trick that would allow you to pass through the wall/door and you'll fall). I used these kind of doors, because the survivor has a chance to see if the elevator is on the current floor. If there will be some working elevator doors in future times, I'll add these. If you're intrested how I made the elevator look here: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/7520-siebens-little-how-to-i-made-some-stuff-for-buildings/#entry98916 Edit: He's using my old unfixed version of this building Hey mate, thanks for the quick reply! Love the building aye! Playing on a max zombie population (albeit shamblers only) map and am slowly turning the place into a fortress. I turned the elevator shafts into rope ladder escape routes, been sandbagging certain hallways (I had the wrong weapon equipped and accidentally fired my winchester instead of swinging my axe...so now the bottom levels are swarming with zed) and dropping certain staircases to turn it into a long, drawn-out killing funnel. After I finally make a dumb mistake and die I think I might try a normal population (sprinters) map and see how long I can last in the same building! Edit: Oh and Sieben...the apartment full of flags, a mounted deer-head, barricaded windows and all the shoddy hand-built furniture...gotta say few place have quite caught my attention for their sheer character then that one apartment. A mate found it on his play-through and guided me too it. He said "I wonder how long they survived in there before the zombies got them?" I laughed and said "given the design choices I would say it was probably like that before the zombies started showing up" haha
  5. Just double-checking, but features such as throwing in Recycle were already broken weren't they? Are the explosives still functional? Some of the things like gassing rooms would be awesome for my 'insane' zombie numbers playthrough in Bedford Falls!
  6. If you jump on Blindcoders awesome map you are able to zoom in and copy the url to exactly mark where you were...one way to do it if you don't have anything for the coords. Like so: http://pzmap.crash-override.net/?desc=BedfordFallsV2#0.4010742435582648,0.30199907623551353,63.79005150309935
  7. Been playing on this map for pretty much the whole day and it is epic! Just a coupla gripes that you are probably already aware of...stairs that are directly above/below seem to cause problems when you attempt to go back down. For example in this (see A) building. Oh and would there be some way to maybe make a wall texture look like an elevator door instead of actual doors? After I got to the upper-most floor I settled in in the penthouse, realized I couldn't get down. Started exploring for enough sheets to make a sheet rope to the ground and suddenly found myself falling 7 floors to my doom down an elevator shaft...I blinked for a few seconds and then cracked up laughing... A: http://pzmap.crash-override.net/?desc=BedfordFallsV2#0.2930687871368344,0.24414361679874255,25.635791016870566
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