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  1. My suggestion is that the vehicle access "area" in build 41+ is made easier to engage with. Either by allowing access when not completely facing the vehicle or by making it slightly bigger, especially on 2 door vehicles. With the new animations and sluggish turning when your going anything faster than a slow amble it's awkward to make sure you hit the right spot. Might just be me and if so πŸ˜” I'll assume it'll remain the same and I'll make sure I'm never in a hurry to enter my vehicle. But wanted to post as this has happened to me a few times and when you have start again because you couldn't open a door when moving what I consider slow, can be a bit of a pain. Here is the scenario: You picked up a bit more heat than you expected on a loot run and are now high tailing it back to your pimped out ride. Should be a simple crouched jog back over the road and jump into your sweet ride and off into the sunset you got. However you've a bit of momentum and overshoot it!! 😱 Now you cannot enter the door, no drama I'll step back and then..... Run past it again!?! At this point I'm questioning my characters mental aptitude, and πŸ’©ing my pants as it only takes a Zed to stroke your back in Apocalypse and you're all but dead. So with lighting wit Run around the vehicle to the other side only to have to same thing happen again 🀬 Now obviously the best fix is to not run towards your vehicle. However when you have a 7+ Zeds on your tail in a tight group with more following behind, walking isn't always possible. Interested to hear others experiences with this.
  2. I like the idea of a camping car. Especially for Multiplayer game play when you might log on and want to travel to another area to play with others. Like the OP said with having a couple of containers within the vehicle would be a very feasible option. As you get vehicles with over 100 capacity, it wouldn't be game breaking to have a 10 capacity freezer, 20 capacity fridge and a 50 capacity cupboard. You could use the box van values for the base vehicle and just remodel it. Additionally you can add a 3rd "seat" in the back for when accessing the rear door (assuming it's a camper van), for the fridge/freezer just increase the power drain on the vehicle battery. Like in the Real World there are leisure batteries that better suited to the demand, adding them to the game with a higher capacity but making them exclusive for the camper would be a way to balance it. Make them super rare so it would be the equivalent to end game loot. That's my $0.02 but like the OP
  3. Yeah I have put a few more hours in and ran a few new play through with different zombie toughness. After adjusting to the change in pace it is good, feel the aiming/angle of fire could be a bit tighter. Loving the mods and crafting looking forward to testing the multi player features
  4. I have found that a few times the shot gun will miss a target right in front of me but hit random Zedz a few meter behind. I like the recoil aspect but you are right that it slows down combat movement speed.
  5. Have you tried the shotgun yet? I noticed a few issues but wondered if it was just my save.
  6. That would be awesome The crafting seems to be good that i have tried so far and the painting/notes will be amazing for MP Only thing did you know you cannot make doodles/journals any more? I understand the journal but was surprised by the doodle. Am hoping to get some traaping done want to make me some Rabbit stew
  7. As in move-fire-move-fire-move you have to stop-wait-wait-shoot(miss)-RUN!! repeat. any movement throws accuracy way out. This may be because I used an old version save so am starting another fresh to test it now, I understand the idea was to make you stand for a bit before shooting but the character went from being able to hit almost every time to getting maybe 5 hits from a mag of 15 rounds. Like I said I will look at it again and see, also the shotgun wasn't hitting very close targets.
  8. Same as post above, I have found trying to shoot move makes hitting anything impossible (aiming level 3). Tried out both pistol and shotgun so far but even stood still aiming is terrible. Creating another world to look at this more.
  9. Leroy was all over the radio saying he pulled a body from your burning house
  10. there is an ongoing discussion about loot respawn options on the website and sometimes in game at the moment. If you need gear there are small player hubs that might be able to help you. But there is still food and water about, I see it still when I do nail Hunts So you were the body that was pulled from the burning building
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