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  1. Hmmm i think it's a bit tricky to implement that kind of stuff. Vehicles are not necessary fitting correctly into a 2x1 tiles. What would be the point of having the vehicle parked exactly on a tile? If the inside of the vehicle is not rendered, then i don't see the point. On the other hand, if it's rendered yes that could be a nice thing (but tricky i guess)! But maybe we could just take some furnitures out of the camping car, though.
  2. Hi! So before i talk about this idea i have to say i've been trying to play as a nomadic survivor and this is what i've experienced so far: Pros: - Exploration: (almost) no maintenance (gardening, carpentry, metalworking, you can forget about this stuff if you want to). You are not tied to your base. - Improvise: This is the magic of this lifestyle. Each day isn't the same just because the place you are in is different. Instead of building i just grab some furnitureS and block the doorway where i want to sleep. Cons: - Low carrying capacity: Especially with feeble and disorganized traits. - When electricity is gone: If you want to use a heat source, you have to carry 2.0 of campfire materials or to build a campfire each time you want to use it. And now the idea is... The CAMPING CAR! You could say "But we can't render tiles in a 3D model that's weird!" I would just answer: Nope! Let's just imagine you have tons of crates and you are close to it. You can access these containers in a list! Another example: Fridges. You can access both the "normal" part and the freezer. So why not having a list of different containers at your disposal in your camping car? This way there is no need to render the inside of the vehicle! One Heat Source, a Fridge (maybe a freezer), 2 cupboards or so. Of course you will have to use more gas to maintain such a cool thing (assuming the fridge and the heat source aren't powered by electricity only. Otherwise, battery charger could be used with a generator). I would also suggest we can sleep better in this type of vehicle because maybe there is a bed in it so you don't have the debuff for sleeping in a bad place (like a chair for example). Maybe the containers and the bed could be defined by the type of camping car. (Standard model, premium, ... You know, like radio and TV "tech levels") Cons: - Vehicles make some noise but you can fix that a bit with some mechanic skills. - Requires more fuel. (and maybe eletricity depending on the vehicle type which can be provided by a generator) Pros: - Gives waaayyyyy more possibilities for a nomadic gameplay or travels away from the base. Conclusion: I think this kind of vehicle/gameplay could give a bunch of possibilities in term of gameplay (and The Walking Dead Fans could like it!) It would also make some traits much more interesting such as Mechanics and Electrician. Bonus: We could do the same with a caravan! We would attach it to a vehicle or use a little trailer to store some items! What do you think about this? If you have some more suggestions about this, feel free to talk about it!
  3. So if you spend some times you could maybe have a toolbox somewhere in your starting house or in your shed if you have one. It seems logical to me carpenters or electrician have all their tools in a box they carry with them. About spawning in your starting house or at work, it really depends on the lore and they told us they'll change it. If you are a cooker you could have more ingredients or something different in your counters and maybe more kitchen knives (one for the bread, one for meat, one for... Well, a true pro! ) To fit the lore in 6 Months Later mode, i think the loot in this box should be adapted (less loot) though.
  4. I didn't think about items in your house, that's a good idea! Maybe we could also have the keys for some areas. For example a policeman would have the keys for every/some part of the police station. Maybe we could spawn at work as well, but i don't know the lore very well (if people turned fast).
  5. Hi! In the next build, we would have T-Shirts related to our occupation (what about shades an caps?)... So why not having the ability on the character creation menu to start with items from our profession? It's not breaking the lore right? I'm thinking about the clothing system: you can currently choose what kind of clothes you will wear (and even customize them) or set it to none. Maybe we could have something like that! Maybe we could have a random item (or several?) instead of choosing it? Maybe it could cost more points if you want to spawn with this/these item/s? What do you think about it?
  6. Thanks! ^^ It's working very well and very simple! A lot of perspectives in mind just by watching at the tiles. Yes i see, maybe it's easier to talk about it in Discord. I don't want to spam this thread, organization is such a big thing.
  7. Very usefull tool, it's working fine, thanks! And if you are unable to run it, install the Java JRE!
  8. Hi, when i started to play the game some months ago, i was lost because the wiki was already oudtated from everywhere. But i have some questions as i'm new to wiki contributions: How do we add pictures/gifs from items, furnitures, etc? For example for the plant growing state you have stage 1-2-3... and so on with a nice image not taken ingame (no screenshot). I was thinking about reorganizing organizational structure, it would be easier to categorize things. For example: The carpentry section with a sub-section for furnitures. It's not very clear in my mind, but this is an example: But i don't really know where chairs (world + player made) would fit. Is there an organizational structure from all the wiki available? I can't really find the whole architecture of the sections. Even it's a lot of work, i think it would be better for the wiki to be more readable, there are a lot of links going everywhere, even on russian pages lol.
  9. Hello, i have discovered a bug by accident, and after a quick research on the net i haven't found anything like that. So when i press "escape" the game is paused. BUT! When i click on details, close the window of the version report and press the keys for moving the character, he is moving! I can hear the wind and the birds, but right clicking doesn't seem to work. This is in a solo game by the way. Fortunately, there was no zombie when it happened!
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