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  1. Chris808

    TMX to BMP? (Solved)

    So, I figured out why it wasn't working. When you go to save the file in, you have to select 24 bit depth, while I had originally saved it with a bit depth of 8.
  2. Chris808

    TMX to BMP? (Solved)

    If anyone else has any ideas as to why it doesn't work, I'm all ears. Also, if it's of any significance as far as I can tell it seems like it's a problem with worlded itself, as the same thing happens with any world I try, not just this one.
  3. Chris808

    TMX to BMP? (Solved)

    I wanted to update the bmp so I could reopen it in, because that would make it easier to make large areas of farmland that can cross over between multiple cells without having to make sure they line up right, and I feel like it would look more natural not being constrained to working on a single cell at a time. But I don't want to have to redo all the editing I've already done in Tilezed when I run BMP to TMX again.
  4. Chris808

    TMX to BMP? (Solved)

    Here's the TMX file Project2_4_6.tmx
  5. Chris808

    TMX to BMP? (Solved)

    All of the roads and farms and such in the first image were painted using the BMP tools from TileZed, but they still don't show up after TMX to BMP.
  6. Chris808

    TMX to BMP? (Solved)

    In worlded, under file, there's the option 'TMX To BMP', but I haven't found any way to actually make it work. After running it, both with selected cells and the entire world, it reads each cell and saves the BMPs, except the BMPs don't actually change. But looking at the properties of the BMPs shows that they were modified when it ran. Same for the vegetation map. The still unchanged BMP Does anyone know how to make it work how it should? I've already tried pretty much everything I can think of. I suppose, in retrospect, my first mistake was thinking I could just use tilezed to do most of my map editing.
  7. Chris808

    Union City

    Hey, I saw your comment on the steam workshop, sorry it took me so long to reply. I've been pretty busy and I just kinda forgot about it. Anyway, I'd be happy to let you use the buildings I've made for my map, I just don't know the best way of getting you the building files. And, if you want, I could help make some more buildings for this map. This map is looking really good so far!