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  1. WHEN are we getting this LIVE?
  2. Steam name: silvio__dante In-Game name: Silvio Job: Uni student Longest Time Survived (dd/hrs): 2days (real time) Gender: Male Town of Residence: Location: EU East Main Server: I am currently looking for a new server. Why should you get picked?: Everyone needs extra muscle
  3. ilbe, ou and theres few others im sure. They have massive cheats, 1 guy killed 5 of us. just being invisible and running around killing us without a skull. The things he did, were above and beyond any logical assumption.
  4. admin, there is hackers, with super, speed and invisible characters... They slaughtering people and etc. Get online please.
  5. Silvio

    25Build SERVERS

    I got a wide group of friends looking, for a stable 25build server. Does anyone happen to know still a server like that? Or is hosting one. Waiting for some responds.
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