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    boogada reacted to Rathlord in MP suggestion: Item spawning   
    No way, not in my multiplayer games. Maybe as an optional extra for MP sometime way down the road, but really the whole point of PZ and what makes it so immersive imo is that it doesn't give in to those silly game-y tropes that make no sense whatsoever. We have farming and crafting and such to keep supplies up, why add something that makes no sense?
    And in reality, we'll have actual NPC's running around leaving stuff places (not to mention players).
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    boogada reacted to Jatta Pake in Steam Release - 16th Feb 2014 - Build 23   
    A previously suggested "teaching function" where new players could gain skills from more experienced NPCs or players would minimize the newbie disadvantage.  It would also promote cooperation.  It would also make high level characters extremely valuable to the group.
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    boogada got a reaction from Kaptain Kallum in Steam Beta Release - 23rd Aug 2013 - Version   
    Do areas seem to be loading very slowly for anyone else in the steam version?  Running forward and areas stay black for an unusually long time.
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