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  1. Definitely after Mount&Blade Bannerlords, probably after Cyberpunk 2077, but probably before Duke Nukem Forever II.
  2. Maybe not total mouse aim, but having the gunplay be a little bit more hotline miami-ish rather than headshot anything in a 90 degree arc in front of you would be good.
  3. PZ probably won't have the DayZ problem of one person looting an entire town by themselves, then hopping to another server and doing it all over again. I do like the idea of a loot skill though where it may hide some items on you because your character doesn't see them, but I suppose the lucky/unlucky traits accomplish a similar thing.
  4. Most .45 you'll get is subsonic by default, if there's ever more weapon and ammo variety added in the future. I'm sure weapons and attachment stuff will be pretty big with modders, I'm not sure if it would really fit with the stock game. Taking the risk out of using firearms would be bad imo.
  5. Just have to say after trying this out for a bit, I'm getting fantastic performance from this build. Went from stutter to butter.
  6. You can just dump stuff on the floor anyway.
  7. I thought a body swapping into NPC's you've recruited thing like in state of decay might be interesting. The game needs the NPC's first though.
  8. New recipes : Box of things, explaination : You can now find box of nails (you also have screws, bullets...), right click on it and select "open" will give you 100 nails AND if you have 100 nails, you can also right click on it and "put in a box" to move them around easily. Awesome! I was thinking the game needed something like this.
  9. I think it's a little too hard to locate a garden trowel, they still seem to only spawn in warehouse crates. I couldn't find one until I went to the logging company, which doesn't really seem like a logical place to find gardening equipment. You find seeds in a lot of houses, so it might be nice to find a trowel too. I don't know if this is possible with how your loot tables are set up, but it might be interesting to add some chance of gardening equipment to the loot tables of houses with flower beds outside. Little observational things like that can be nice when you're looking for special items.
  10. Seems to be running much more smoothly for me than the last version.
  11. It is Kentucky we're talking about here. Not saying this stuff should be everywhere, but I'm sure more will be added down the road. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=31vm3-BQRJU
  12. I'm pretty sure you do still charge your attack just by being in the sneaking/readied weapon stance.
  13. Hold right click+tap left click seems okay for combat, I'll miss holding down right click to move around a little bit, but I guess your aim for this is to stop your character from swinging wildly when you do inventory and building tasks.
  14. Do areas seem to be loading very slowly for anyone else in the steam version? Running forward and areas stay black for an unusually long time.
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