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  1. Yeah please do mate. Would be good to get on again
  2. Love this.It's Miley Cyrus next lol
  3. "Oh wow look at this, check it ou........" proceed to climb up sheet rope to an amazing fort someone had made(just to see what they had done with the place) "Shit" fell 3 floors to an instant death. "Shitting traps"
  4. Wait what. I haven't been on for a while. Is this server no more?
  5. Albie you are a legend thanks for the nails. I'm now down by the mall.
  6. Cheers mate I got back on now
  7. Just tried to jump on albie but keep getting connection failed:(
  8. Hope to see you all on soon. Ps albie you got any spare nails.....lol
  9. Sukebe I had the same issue. I just uninstalled everything then reinstalled it. Didn't take long and is working fine for me now
  10. Servers down atm.
  11. Sweet thanks keif
  12. We're all ready and waiting
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