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  1. @Xynodus [ also pissed ] Nice image on the video "only feminists get trolled ?" ; not sure you can even start to reach out to not-already-convinced-others with stereotypes like that though. So let's say these journalists, who happen to be women, are terribly biased by their ideology, and dismiss possible constructive criticism right away as misogynistic. Wouldn't it be possible, that some people who flag them as feminists, and take offence in the fact that no men harassment is reported ALONG with a woman's, wouldn't it be possible, that some of these people are biased themselves by their upbringing, by their testosterone, by their ego being hurt by words like "oppression", "sexism" ? Can you rule that out ? I'm an heterosexual male, but I can't, for example when I get pissed at not being able to join LGBT-only events, or when I can't bear to hear that a man can't be oppressed by women (even if I know i'm playing with semantics here). It feels like people are interpreting anonymous social criticism as a way of saying "all men should go emasculate themselves", and, fearing for their manhood, vehemently reject the critic and the criticism it altogether. So personally I can't help it : the more people keep talking about "facts", "statistics", and professional & personal integrity, the more it just blatantly addresses the underlying question of their motive for doing so, which is very much XY-pride related. PS : i know absolutely nothing about these two women, but they already have my sympathy thanks to you.
  2. Salut, And here is the (official ?) french PZ site if you're not so much into english : http://projectzomboid.fr/forum/index.php PS: google translations have apparently improved tremendously judging by Connall's english to french output (not sure it would work so well with Ico1's "proustian" sentences though).
  3. No worries, it was just to report the error, though it appears i should have created a ticket and not polluted your thread with it, my apologies EDIT : for the record the NullPointerException came from a mod.info file not having an id field as said here : http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/1151-craft-helper-111/?p=45211 (so nothing to do with paths and even less with this current thread)
  4. EDIT : following into spoiler turned out to be offtopic, see http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/1151-craft-helper-111/page-2#entry45211 if you ever land here for the same reason as me Now when i use snipertyler's modified script : I had a look at the source code and as far as i can tell it has something to do with paths when the nullpointerexception is raised : On the other hand INSTDIR and GAMEDIR variables seem to be correctly initialized, so i'm a bit at a loss, especially since it's working at least on one 64bit machine.
  5. I'd replace "is just plain" with "may be" : trying to find reasons for optimism, we don't really know how much progress has already been done on the NPCs front in the devleopment branches ; plus the devs might consider a step-by-step implementation/release strategy to make the path from "last man on earth" to "fully functional NPCs" a bit smoother for lonely survivors. Who knows ?
  6. Yeah i do have access to it, thanks (was it a question ? ). Though if i'm ever to start coding i think i may stick to Enigma and RoboMat's suggestion : opening and decompiling the binary files directly from the game folder ; this way the doc could only be outdated relatively to private dev/test builds. Which, for the record, can also be achieved like this using the Eclipse GUI (courtesy of Eggplanticus) : http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/1156-pz-source-code-spelunking-debugging-and-decompiling/ Do you guys think it would be worth adding the list of exposed classes provided by RJ (http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/2355-api-of-classes-and-methods-accessible-via-lua-scripts/#entry33935) to the javadoc thread here : http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/703-updated-javadocs/ ? (to much info better than too little ?)
  7. Thanks for the replies, you almost ninja'ed the OP . Now all hope is gone ! Well, you've gotta a point, if it's not documented it makes things significantly harder... But then i'm still wondering how do all the modders manage to get something done ? Only through trials & failures, and getting advice/examples from other modders/devs ? For the funcion, check the java doc Should I take this as a "yes, it's technically possible to instantiate and use all these classes in the mods" ?
  8. Hello, As title says, is there some sort of API to detail what Java classes and methods are accessible via mod scripts ? I suppose all java public classes and methods are not accessible so i'm left thinking a specific javadoc or sth may prevent from relying too much on other people's scripts, to know what it's possible to do. Concretely, i was thinking about instantiating a character ( yeah i know NPCs are not back yet ), and assuming it's technically possible, i'd have no clue on how to do it : Zombie.Character.spawn() ? And then how can I know which methods of my character can be called in my scripts ? I searched this forum as well as pz-mod.net without results, and all i found was the Events reference, which is useful but has a limited scope. So if anybody has any insight, please enlighten me. PS : as a thanks for reading my concerns, i'll disclose a top-secret information to you all :
  9. @Eagle have you tried manually editing the key binding from '~' to sth else : http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/1522-zspawn/page-2#entry31830 ? It'd be good to have some feedback about this for a change... (cf. previous posts in the thread, you'll see what i'm talking about *sigh*)
  10. Don't get me wrong i'm not implying the leader - ie task manager - (if there should be one and only one) has to be a player to prevent boredom, i was just pointing out a potential obvious flaw if NPCs interactions are not flexible enough. In fact i'd find it pretty cool & original to be expected to obey orders, to be able to disobey them and face the consequences. Talking about NPCs interactions, this should get you excited if you didn't read it already : http://projectzomboid.com/blog/2013/01/tales-from-the-metaverse/ (it did for many of us here).
  11. "Constructive criticism", huh ? Is it a new branch of communism ? Assuming the task assignment system works, my fear is that a subordinated player (ie who's not a leader) may get bored if he's to handle the same task all days long. On the other end the environment is hostile and communities may need to use people at what they're best, at least in the short run. To more or less realistically circumvent this there could be : - a way for characters (NPCs and players alike) to request another job, or get depressed, run away, become dangerous to the community/leadership if he's not allowed to. Then the leadership AI would need to make all requests match, and probably upset some people whose wishes were denied in the process. - a system of training that costs resources and manpower, but makes it more believable to have an ex white collar suddenly become the farmer in chief of the community. Do you know of the Rebuild franchise by the way ? It doesn't catter with the micromanagement pz has to offer, but is based on the global task management you're talking about (auto / custom task assignment based on skills families : scavenge, farm, research, fight, lead) ; it's basic but fun imo. They're raising funds at the moment for the third opus by the way http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sarahnorthway/rebuild-gangs-of-deadsville /spam
  12. C'est plsu passe-partout (perso je connaissais pas l'expression "soupe au lait"). Pour moi c'eest bon tu peux mettre à jour (ou pas). D'ailleurs à mon avis tu devrais la jouer à l'"américaine" pour les mises à jour : changer ce que tu penses qu'il y a à changer d'abord, et puis juste nous le dire après ; au pire, si tu fais vraiment n'importe quoi, on t'enverra aux assises a posteriori pour abus de pouvoir ou on appellera Julien Courbet , sinon tu as toute ma confiance nioshi-sama.
  13. So much for love and compassion lol. @Crackerjack +1 for politics implementation, since one may grow weary of chopping wood and gunning zeds. i hope i'll live to see it and that the foundations of the NPC system will allow for subtle ways of handling conflicts & conspiracies, diplomacy, cooptation/elections, and so on (based on the aggregation of individuals' choices rather than global bullshit saying "your popularity is 83% you gained 2.3%" or "choose your political system [A] dictatorship democracy"). But i can only begin to imagine how hard it must be to implement a convincing simulation of social interactions.
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