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  1. I understand that the developers are wanting a strict "romero-esque" zombie world where there aren't special infected, but I can't help but think something like the Tank from L4D (or an equally physically strong zombie from the RE series) bursting through the wall of your once-safe stronghold really shaking up gameplay, or fast moving zombie dogs, etc. These things could add a lot of variety to the danger that lurks in the streets in the day-to-day lives of the survivors. If Indie Stone is unwilling to add them to their game by default, is it possible to allow players to add their own special infected?
  2. I'm confused as to why personal hygiene is off the table of future features. One of the greatest things about this game is having to deal with the struggles of day-to-day life in a zombie apocolypse. In a sense, in my opinion, one of the best things about this game is that it is almost like "the sims during the zombie apocolypse". You have to keep yourself entertained, fed, hydrated, and well rested. But there is more to the day-to-day life of a person than simply reading newspapers, eating chicken, drinking bottled water and sleeping. What about hygiene? Surely our survivors need to use the head every once in a blue moon, or take a shower and wash the filth from their bodies? Surely the zombies would be attracted to the smell of human waste, or the stench of an unwashed survivor? This feature would throw yet another wrench into the cogworks of your every day plans, which is critical in this game imo. What if you're out and about in the city and you get the urge to use the restroom in the middle of the city? Suddenly you are looking for a bathroom, or looking for a tree to quietly squat underneath. If you don't bring any toilet paper with you (or some sort of aid to clean yourself up afterwards), you have a bit of an odor following you around which zombies can smell and are attracted to. If you don't use the restroom at all...you end up soiling yourself, which just causes more stench, which again attracts the zombies and makes life rough, it could also impact your happiness (and maybe kill your appetite for the moment!). Eating rotten food or certain kinds of food would perhaps cause you to have to use the restroom more...things of that nature. I can't help but feel this was left off the list because it was seen as "gross" and I think that is underselling a potentially interesting feature in the game for a fairly juvenile point of view on the subject. NPC interactions in the future would not be as favorable if you're stinking to high heaven, or they would at least mention it on the side: "have you ever thought of bathing, mate?" What if some of the leaves you cleaned your bum with out in the wild turned out to be poison ivy? It would drive the player to seek out pharmacutical stores in hope of finding rash cream to cure their itchy ailment which is making them perpetually unhappy. My main point is I think that the best part of these sorts of games are player needs which drive action in the game. I find this game is at its most boring when you are "accomplished" -- you have everything you need and there is very little reason to leave the house. Adding reasons to leave the house is crucial. Food, hydration, entertainment -- these are things you can hoard. But you cannot hoard the ability to use the restroom. After the water utility is shut off, you would have to build a water pump for a makeshift shower or bath. You would have to dig a pit for your restroom functions. Just a few thoughts. I really think that keeping hygiene as a definite no is pushing a potentially very interesting mechanic off the table for honestly no good reason whatsoever. I can see why there would be no nukes, no karma meter, no sex, no nudity, no minimaps or overpowered weapons, no rape, respawning or quicksaving, no specific named weapons or unlimited ammo. But personal hygiene feels very out of place on that list.
  3. Are you from the USA? Or Europe? I have the same stutter lag on zombie movement as you do and I chalk it up to the high latency between USA and EU. There's just too much going on in the server for a connection that far away/ping that high. Once the USA server comes up within the next week (good God -- fingers freakin' crossed) you should have very few problems. I've made a subreddit for the USA server that will act as a means of communication once it gets setup -- http://www.reddit.com/r/pzusa
  4. Macky


    Question OP -- would this map work in conjunction with Bedford Falls? Would be awesome to throw it on a server with Bedford, West Point, Muldraugh and then now Dreadwood...awesome! Cooper: yeah saw it Cooper: but its jsut 1 town, if they merge it with the rest i will host it Me: Ohh, so Bedford is a file that replaces everything but it still has West Point and Muldraugh on it Me: This is just a total replacement Me: I get it. edit: OP, can you merge this with the rest of the map? You and Bedford Falls creator should work together. I think the community is the most powerful force we have in this game. Let the devs do the coding while we do the mapping, no?
  5. Server just went down as of 10:10 PM EST about. Sucks. Three of us had met up at that point. We turned (an area that shall not be named cos you all have to find where it is yourself!) into a big stronghold, gathering supplies, and were just heading out on another trip when it choked. So unfortunate, we were on a roll and really getting stocked there, was pretty cool.
  6. Consider me a regular man. I'm the American who was asking for help on TS initially (name is LtFisch on TS), the guy who is super badass at CSGO (OH MAN!) Since you were so awesome feel free to ask me for any pro tips for CSGO. <3 I'll be glad to help.
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