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  1. If you want to change the spawn point to a specific location, you have to edit the server options. Go to your user folder on your PC or whatever system you are on. Then, inside your user folder you can scroll down to see a "Zomboid" folder. Go in there and open the folder called "Server" (Something like that.). Inside that folder you will find a file called "serverOptions.ini". Open it with any text editor you like, and find "SpawnPoint 0,0,0" If they are zeroes, it means the server spawn is random. To change this, you will need to put in coordinates for the location you'd like. Here is a link to the map: "http://pzmap.crash-override.net/". Open this link and you will see the amazing map of Project Zomboid. Look around the map and find a spawn location you want everyone on your server to spawn in. If you move the mouse cursor to a place you want to have as a spawn location, the coordinates for that place will be in a white box to your left. There are only two numbers, but that doesn't matter. Copy those numbers except for the "x" and paste them in your "serverOptions.ini" file. The first number goes in the first zero, and the second goes in the second zero. Don't change the last zero, leave it there. Save the file and start your server. Good luck with the server!
  2. I'm making the server difficult now. The zombies are on normal, but they are sprinters, superhuman strength, and they are fragile. They have excellent hearing, poor sight and normal smell.
  3. I don't really know what to say, but I'll just say that I completely agree with deprav. Being frustrated isn't very fun, but it is part of all games.
  4. I can't update the server to the latest IWBUMS build because whenever I launch the game, It crashes when "Loading Lua". But I'd rather stay with the last build since the 3D Models were removed from the newest one. I love the 3D Models.
  5. Ahahahaha. Yes, It's on high. But that was ONLY to make it much much harder than the other MP servers. They're so easy...
  6. Somebody has most likely already suggested this idea, but I would like to share it with you all anyway. I think that you should in some way craft/build a generator that runs on fuel/gas. That way you could have a limited amount of electricity after the main power shuts down. The gasoline/fuel cans could be found at gas stations. But still, quite rare. Does anyone else agree with this?
  7. I'm supporting this idea a lot. I hope one of the devs see this.
  8. Well, You could be bitten by walking into a room and being surprised by a zed hiding behind the door.
  9. Server down again... Heh, Mum must have shut the PC off. I'll tell her not to do it again. And how important this server is to me.
  10. Server is up! The problems with the downtime SHOULD be fixed. Report any problems here.
  11. Ignore the 24/7 tag for now. It's a lie.
  12. I'm very new to PZ servers, so I would appreciate it if someone told me how to reset the server. But if it gets looted quickly I'll have resets weekly or something like that. I'm having tons of issues with the server right now. My hosting computer isn't being used for playing, so I'm having trouble keeping it from going into sleep mode and crashing the server. I'll figure out a way to keep it on all day and all night. But until then I'll need to change the ''24/7'' tag.
  13. Welcome. This is a server hosted by me. This server is on build25b because I really love the 3D Models, and I can't run the new version. It crashes on startup. But anyways, PvP Is on, safety is on. I hope you all enjoy the server. You can play on this server with the new version, I think. But enough talking, here's the IP: "" Port is default. Have fun!
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