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  1. I have to ask: Are you logged in as admin?
  2. Anyone been able to get /addxp to work? I just get a message of how to use it, but it doesn't actually seem to do anything.
  3. Use a comma. Ex: /additem "<item>", <qty> /additem "Base.NailsBox", 10
  4. Actually, you don't. I was able to make my "player" account an admin while logged in as admin and not player. I think they just need to be whitelisted in your player DB.
  5. I see moving corpse... what about cleaning up blood? Still on the roadmap? Would like to see bleach do something useful The two kind of go hand in hand.
  6. Supply drops from whom? The idea of zombies having loot (albeit I agree it should be rare) makes more sense. Loot should be somewhat dependant on your location. Some zombies should have categories (police, construction worker, chef, etc) and drop loot applicable to what they are.
  7. Just to add to this: You could take it a step further and have Quart and Pint sized jars. Bigger jar, more ingredients. Also, with hunting coming a Meat Grinder is a necessity. Deer Meat + Meat Grinder (Returned) = Ground Venison Beef + Meat Grinder (Returned) = Hamburger Ground Meat + Frying Pan = Meat Patty Meat Patty + Cheese + Bread = Cheeseburger I could probably write 50 pages of recipe ideas off the top of my head. I've always enjoyed trade skill type stuff. Sturdy Stick + Twine + Nail = Fishing Rod (could add duration, or have it break after x fish). I have the same disorder as you Fionnmarr How dare that zombie interrupt my cooking!!!
  8. Sad panda. I was hoping to see this eventually. It could always change at some point unless there's a technical limitation making it impossible to do. Given the amount of depth the game has as is, I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case.
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