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  1. Edit: I've talked with server owner and hopefully things will get sorted out. The server has a good community after all
  2. Hello, I just submited my character biography, this seems like a server I would like to join. Looking forward to be whitelisted. Cheers
  3. That was fast It seems to work fine now, will keep reporting if anything happens
  4. Okay I edited my post, sorry for the trouble
  5. Hi I just got a 22kb update and now my game crashes before reaching menu screen. Also tried using compatibility mode I am using windows 7 32bits. EDIT: Here is the console log
  6. I got my account activated but it seems I have the wrong password? Should I register again?
  7. Yeah v3 is out, It just updated in steam, will we have to wait till servers admin update it to join?
  8. First, forgive my bad english Second, I know it might be too early to bring this discussion, but sharing our points of view can't hurt. Third, I am totally against a loot respawning system, and I will give my thoughts on it Why? Because there has been a lot of talking in public servers, many people get pissed off when they join too late and "There is no loot left" Respawning loot would kill the charm of the game and the endgame itself. What would be the point on farming when you can camp houses and wait for food to magically reapear? Why would you care about saving ammo when you can allways get more? There wouldn't even make sense to storage items. Players would roam around and camp crucial locations and behave more aggressively like in other similar games. It would make every item less valuable, even the rare ones, since you can find it again eventually. BUT I know its unfair for some players. And thats why most servers are getting daily resets, and that the people that join after a restart have a big advantage, but respawning loot is not the solution. Killing a big aspect of the game to make it more fair (or less rough) its just not worth it. Maybe supply drops with essentials appearing once in a while could bring more balance. Also some starting gear for players that join too late. There are other ways
  9. I am getting connection failed is it down?
  10. I would also like to join Steam name: Cocainum Profile : http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198022629274
  11. Eliakoh you should think about reseting every day carefuly, With 24hrs reset building a safehouse or farms its pointless and thats a big part of the game. I know that the resets are important for people who joins later but still I imho 24hrs reset is a bit too much
  12. From the dev There is a lot of info in this thread http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/5577-multiplayer-open-test-details-inside
  13. Lets see who wants to be a hero and host a public server
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